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wealthy affiliate

Hi, Jeff here!  That is me in the photo to the left. 

I would bet that you have had some pretty bad experiences as I have had in the past trying to find a legit way to earn money online while working from home.  Trust me, I share your pain as I have been the victim of cleverly disguised opportunities that all promised that I would become very rich.  

Being completely naive at first and not able to even recognize scams, I was involved with online money making opportunities which required my cold-calling "leads", trying to get people interested in the product I was offering.  My ears still ring many years later from the sound of people slamming their phones rudely as they disconnected the call.  A handful of them also adding in some "word phrases" that would make a sailor squirm, meant to display their unbelievable amount of anger towards me.

There were other opportunities which turned out to be cleverly disguised pyramid schemes.  I did not make any money - it went to some person three or more levels placed above me in an up-line.  I now know that these scams are illegal in the U.S.

 A few of those companies that I unwisely chose to join also sold no actual physical products.  The scheme was that you'd be able to make money if you could recruit, (trick) people into joining under you based on that company's "opportunity".

One such company that I foolishly became involved with for a short while, Success University​ is no longer in business having been shut down.

wealthy affiliate

So as you can see above with my friend pulling his hair out, that would be an apt description of what I went through.

Can I ask you a question?  

Are you sick and tired of being conned into joining what turned out to be bogus schemes that only ended up taking all of the money that you invested into the opportunity?   Did any profits that you made in these scams add up to a big, fat $0?

Having been scarred, do you now believe that all online money-making ventures are just fraudulent and would be a complete waste of your time and effort as well as the fact that you would lose every penny that you put into the opportunity?

Well WAIT!!!  

Every opportunity to make money on the Internet is NOT a scam!! 

I was lucky enough to find out what one company has to offer as far as learning the RIGHT WAY how to make money online.  Can you allow me now to fill you in on this opportunity which would be FREE for you to get involved with?  This company is called Wealthy Affiliate!

What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Founded in 2005 by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, Wealthy Affiliate is an educational training arena.  It is also a community consisting of tens of thousands of individuals who together, have like-minded goals in wanting to make money online for themselves!

Below are some of the concepts that are featured once you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate: