Medical Coding Work From Home Jobs

Can You Legitimately Make Money Pursuing This Type of Job Opportunity?Medical Coding Work From Home Jobs

I would like to discuss in this article medical coding work from home jobs.  With more and more people today seeking to make money while either working as an employee/freelancer or running an online business from home, unfortunately there are even scams that involve medical coding.

These scams would include online school that profess a person could become accredited as a medical coder through only taking 4 months’ worth of classes.

That or else as part of another lie an individual could land a job in that profession where he/she would easily make $50,000 right from the get-go.  Sorry, but in either case that won’t happen.

Becoming an accredited medical coder, taking classes, (even online) from a reputable school/university would take a lot longer than 4 months for a person to acquire the training and educational knowledge needed to pursue a job within what essentially is the healthcare industry.

So, through research that I have performed as preparation for writing this article, I hope to genuinely help those individuals who are seriously pursuing a profession as a medical coder, and who are also looking to work from home as a way to make money.

I aim to provide information about participating in completely legit and accredited online schools/universities/programs that offer specialized courses in medical coding.

Coming from the awesome job leads site, Rat Race Rebellion, later on in this article I will also provide a listing of companies that do hire people to work from home as medical coders.

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This company does not have anything to do with medical coding or the healthcare industry!****

The layman’s definition of what a medical coder does at his/her job:

The main task of a medical coder is for him or her to review clinical statements, (coming from board certified doctors in any number of specialties) and then assign standard medical coding using classification systems.

These systems would include: CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) Medical Coding Work From Home Jobs

ICD-10-CM (International Statistical Classification of Diseases – 10th revision Clinical Modification)

HCPCS Level 11 – (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding Systems) Level 11.

Medical coding, although in a separate category of medical billing, if one were to put them together both are essential within the industry regarding costs of surgeries, doctor visits, insurance, (a huge deal here in the U.S.) and essentially what patients would end up paying, (sometimes $$$) for medical care.

Coding is more difficult regarding the expert understanding of medical terminology as opposed to billing although the latter by no means is easy either.

Accredited Schools that offer certification in medical coding:

As I indicated above, as the Internet continues to grow on a daily basis, so too do the number of scams in an untold number of opportunities that can be found online.  That most definitely includes the proliferation of online schools that cover many areas of education that are essentially bogus.

In order to acquire what is known as the Professional Coder Certification only earned after passing the CPC, (Certified Professional Coder) exam, which would involve taking, (and of course passing first) a number of medical courses, it all simply would not be completed within a short several month time period.

Any school, (online or at a physical location) that promises that a person could earn a medical coding certificate in as little as 4 months is nothing but a certified scamMedical Coding Work From Home Jobs

The best medical coding schools, which will be listed below offer programs whereby in order for a person to be best prepared to pass the CPC exam, he/she would earn either an associate’s degree which if taking classes full-time will take 2 years to finish.

Or if pursuing a bachelor’s degree, going full-time it would take 4 years to complete.  It would be just like earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting, computer science, engineering, communications, liberal arts, or music.

Would you be able to complete in total around 120 credit hours, the pre-requisite needed to earn a Bachelor’s degree in music for example and finish that off in 4 months?  Of course, your answer should be no.  The same would be for earning a Bachelor’s degree with the focus on medical coding.

So, please do not be fooled by online site’s such as this one that tell the lie that if you were to start classes now in mid-April, (today being April 18th, 2018) that by mid-August, (4 months from now) you will have finished all of that school’s medical coding classes, be ready to easily pass the CPC exam, (despite the relatively low number of courses offered by that institution) and then from there prepared to go out into the world and land that first job in the profession.

That’s nothing but a bunch of bull, (you-know-what)!

Here is the list of fully accredited school, (having programs being offered online) that would acquire at least 2 full-years with it being necessary to earn an associate’s degree with a focus on medical coding.  As noted above it would require a 4-year commitment on your part to earn a bachelor’s degree:

1). Purdue Global University.


2). Keiser University.


3). Drexel University.


4). St. Catherine University. (An all-women’s university)


5). Ultimate Medical Academy.

All 5 of the above listed schools are MB&CC approved: Medical Billing & Coding Certification.  All of your fraud, 4-month online medical coding schools will not have been approved of by the MB&CC!


Medical coding work from home jobs:

Medical coders on average earn around $16.50/hour according to the latest info.  This would work out to around $36,000 per year.

I will be completely upfront with you. In order to get your foot into the door within the work industry as a medical coder, you might want to initially think about gaining such employment in either a doctor’s office or at a hospital. Medical Coding Work From Home Jobs

You would have to build up a resume, and in a sense gain the trust of doctors/specialists who essentially are the ones who have their necks out the longest regarding patient care.

Through time, and getting experience that could then be put on a professional resume regarding past jobs as a medical coder, and depending on the area in which you live, it certainly is possible to work from home within this industry.

The first thing that these companies will look at, during the process when they would hire individuals, would be what is listed on resumes as far as experience within the industry.

Many of these companies are looking at an individual having anywhere from 3 to 5 years working within the industry before he/she would even be considered for a remote medical coding job.

As I stated above, if something, (really anything) were to go inexplicably wrong with a patient and his/her health becoming jeopardized, (or worse) that primary care doctor or physician who performed the operation, (negligent in his/her care providing) would be the first one possibly on the chopping block should the patient or his/her relatives decide to initiate a malpractice suit.

Making things that much worse would be a coder being involved who, because of total inexperience, made the mistake of entering in the wrong information, (coding #) in that patient’s medical files; the situation suddenly made that much worse for that doctor.

So as I am trying to say, it might be tough initially landing a work from home, (remote) job as a medical coder for a lengthy period right after earning a degree from an accredited school followed by passing the CPC exam.

Nevertheless, here is a list of companies that in the past have hired people to work remotely as medical coders:

1).   Humana.


2).  iMedX.


3).  Aviacode.


4).  The Coding Network.


5).  M*Modal.


6).  Codebusters.

I hope that this info that I have provided in this article will prove to be of value to readers who are thinking of pursuing a career as a medical coder. Yes, it would involve learning a lot of medical terms, (my now deceased mom had a 40+ year career as a nurse) covering a broad range of topics in the healthcare industry.

But understand that if you’re serious once you do land a job, you would be performing a very important role within the medical profession.

So, in order to answer the question posed in this article’s subtitle; yes it would definitely be possible for you to make money legitimately at this type of job working remotely! But only if you’re truly motivated to do so, in addition to enrolling in the right school that would provide you with accredited education!

Best of luck to your in the future!

For those of you who might instead be thinking of pursuing something else by way of making money for yourself online:

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Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


4 thoughts on “Medical Coding Work From Home Jobs

  1. I don’t think I could ever do medical coding. It just seems hard and boring to me.
    And it seems like an awful lot of work for little pay.
    But I do agree with Wealthy Affiliate as I joined for free.
    It’s a program that has four steps. Find a niche, build a website, get traffic, and make money.
    But what Wealthy Affiliate does is that it teaches you to help others first. That’s the key.
    It’s hard work that helps others solve their problems and eventually is a financial success.
    Do you find any negative aspects to Wealthy Affiliate?

  2. Thank you for your comments, Rob.  You’re entitled to your opinion about medical coding.  Facts are just like any other job pursuit that involves study at a university/college, (accounting, law, psychology, engineering, biology/science) it requires a commitment of at least 4 years just as the case if a person is serious about pursuing medical coding.  It requires work at learning the craft required in all of these fields, sir! 

    I agree that WA is a great platform in providing training for a person who is serious about wanting to learn how to run a potentially profitable online business.


  3. Hi Jeff
    Thanks for this heads up.
    I was wondering if these could be genuine or not, these 4 month courses.
    It is such a complex job, medical coding and when you look at how long nurses and doctors have to train, how on earth can you absorb all that knowledge in 4 months.
    When we look for ways to make money, we often overlook the obvious: if it looks like a scam, it probably is a scam.
    I like the look of a complete training program in internet business. Wealthy affiliate looks very interesting.
    Thanks for the pointer.

  4. Hi HappyB.  Thank you so much for both reading this article and also for sharing your insights.  For a fact any online program involved in education, (in any field and not limited to just medical coding) that promises that students can be provided a number of courses within a small time frame, pass them to become certified that in other “legit” situations would take at least 2 years to complete, are nothing but scams.

      It’s too bad that these fraud programs have not only fooled but taken tuition fees from unknowing individuals can still be found on the Internet.  But, as human beings sometimes look to take the easy way out it’s a reason why they still exist.

    Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a complete training program designed to educate truly motivated individuals on what it takes to slowly build an online business.

    Thank you again for your thoughts which are so appreciated by me!



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