Making Money While Sleeping

Geez, Do You Still Really Believe This Nonsense?  Making money while sleeping

I recently ran across an online article that had a similar title to the one on this post – making money while sleeping.  I wanted to gag, yet I know that there still are people across the world who still would be so gullible as to believe this nonsense.

Why is this so?  Too many people still believe that they can become rich beyond their wildest dreams and do so with the least amount of effort as possible!

What too many people choose to ignore – malicious scams still pollute the Internet!

I have tried educating readers in plenty of articles posted on this website regarding one fact:  That is in today’s Internet driven world scam opportunities can be found everywhere!  I am not going to take the time to list all of the different methods in which the criminal element that exists online seeks to con innocent people, usually out of their money.

Just go to the categories listing to the right of this article and look for “online scams” as I have already composed previous posts in naming the different methods used to rip off the innocent.

Why are these scams still so successful?  Because as I said above too many people think that there is an easy way to make money.  They think with their hearts but not their brains.

Too many human beings, quite selfish in their behavior (and not those who genuinely want to help their fellow mankind), yearn to be able to retire at age 45 with tens of millions of dollars invested into bank accounts.  They also fancy owning that luxury 7-figure beach front property and that extravagant sports car(s) in their garage.

Acting somewhat greedily, these people look to get more out of life compared to what they might have actually earned through education and hard work.  So seeking more regarding material wealth along comes an enticing headline such as the one in the article to which I am referring called “Business Day”.

This online article does not originate from the U.S. or Canada.  The article comes from a site originating in Nigeria.  Hmm, no offense against that country but I assume that many of you have heard of online scams that originate out of Nigeria, some of the most devious regarding illegality in the world?

So what is this article trying to “sell” you? making money while sleeping

The publishers/owners of this “Business Day” are quite upfront and clear.  They will, for a fee charge you to enroll in subscribing to an offer where you will learn to make money while you sleep.  Here is the exact offer as worded on the homepage of the article:

“Do you believe you can make money even while you sleep? Well, you can. There are a number of people who are in this phase in their financial lives. They have set up systems and procedures that enable them to earn when they asleep and physically absent”. (Not for nothing but did someone check this article before posting it regarding poorly phrased English grammar? The last 7 words are poorly phrased – “earn when they asleep and physically absent”). Yikes!

***By the way if this nonsense as depicted by the woman dreaming of dollar signs floating in her head, (depicted in the image off to the right) sounds ridiculous, as an alternative I now mention my top recommendation for learning how to run a legit online business from home. ***

Just for the heck of it, I clicked on the “register” button to find out more, if anything that this scam offer had to present in enticing the “sucker” to find out more info.

Back to the “can’t miss” system making money in your sleep!  OH BOY!

Sp upon further investigation clicking on a link I was immediately brought to this page.  All you see are 3 subscription price plans the money posted in Nigerian currency, (I looked up the currency symbol).

So the plan works out like this: For 2,000 Nigerian currency, it would equal $10.05, (US) per month for a basic subscription plan.  5,000 Nigerian currency would equal $25.12 (US) per month for a premium plan.  7,000 Nigerian currency would equal $35.47 (US) for a premium plus plan.

Below that, you would see all that you would get for the 3 different subscriptions: including access to online magazines, reviews, access to info about stock market, email alerts, portfolio tools, registration to a business “conference” and etc.  Of course, more would be available to you at the premium plus membership as opposed to the basic subscription.

Yeah right, this would be equal to an Ivy League business school education! NOT! making money while sleeping

I have one serious question.  As apparently this easy money-making promotion/offer has to do specifically with the world trading stock markets, at any point would you also educationally learn all that one would need to be a success in this endeavor simply by subscribing to this offer?

I mean they have schools such as Harvard, Yale, Penn, Stanford and other highly reputable schools of business where elite academic students go through 4 plus years, (and perhaps grad school) to be educated and ingrained with the knowledge regarding today’s stock market should one pursue that career.

Is the one-month subscription to this “business” online membership equal in terms of the educational knowledge that you would gain compared to enrolling as an undergrad student to such a school like Harvard?  I looked it up online.  For an in-state Massachusetts resident, it costs $59,607 for one year’s total worth regarding education, (tuition, room and board, books, supplies, fees) at the elite Ivy League school.

Trust me, (even though I never had the academic background to even consider enrolling at Harvard) you would not be provided the superior academic knowledge and training learned at an elite business school by instead investing $35.47 monthly and gaining academic knowledge through an opportunity originating from some Nigerian online “Business” newspaper.

Still, there are people in this world who will come across the headlines in this article and think that owning just a computer with an Internet connection and following the step-by-step instructions taught through this business subscription, that eventually they will earn lots of money enabling them to retire quickly!  Yep, and I can also let you know that I have valuable property on Planet Mars available at a bargain basement cost!

Please use your heads! making money while sleeping

Making money while sleeping and believing that it is an absolute legit way to become a multi-millionaire is sheer folly!

If you are a person who yearns to have success with an online business opportunity understand that you can only do it through having a long-term vision, implementing strategic goals and working your tail off.

Stop believing that you can leave your computer on all night, sleep for 8 hours and wake up having earned tens of thousands of dollars in quite simplistic fashion and through some Internet scheme.

It only happens in “La-la land” folks.  In otherwards, only in your dreams!

So Is There Truly a Legit Program Out There?  YES!

Look there is a lot of junk out there, all online business opportunities that you should avoid at all costs!

Please allow me to fill you in on an online business that would be FREE for you to join, and it is 100% legit.  Click Here As It Is My #1 Recommendation That Exists On The Internet if you are looking to start your own business from home.

Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family. Making Money While Sleeping

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any further questions or thoughts, please I urge you to leave them in the comments’ section below:


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  2. Hi, and thank you for reading the article. I also appreciate your positive comments about the overall layout of the site. I’ve been with WA for about 9 months. I started out first with a website devoted to a niche that I have always loved bicycling. Building content for that site after about 4 – 5 months I was able to generate money through products that I promoted having to do with everything about cycling.

    In June, (some 4 months or so ago) I created the second website, the one to which you read the article and devoted to promoting WA as a business. I’ve yet to earn money with that yet, but really it is not all that unexpected. At WA, you are taught the business of first creating content through keyword research. Your articles should be interesting and highly relevant to the overall theme of the site, without coming across as a pushy sales person.

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  3. Hello there,

    Great post and very informative, i recommend WA to everyone who want to build a strong foundation and starts to get a full time job from home, and you are right money doesn’t come easily, it took hard work & effort to be achieved, thanks for sharing this post and keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you sir for both reading the article and your positive comments that you issued. You seem to have hit the nail on the head with your comments. To achieve success in an online business it requires hard work and dedication. WA is indeed the place that will allow you to build that type of strong foundation to achieve success!

    Again i appreciate sincerely your positive comments!


  5. AAhhhh what a lovely thought – getting to the point in time where you can earn a wage even when you are sleeping!!!!
    I’ve been trying my hand at this blogging lark for a few months now but I’m a long way off this success. Articles like this just reinforce how much I want to achieve this!

  6. Hi Chris! Welcome back having seen you issue your very kind thoughts in articles on my website. I truly appreciate, on our own taking the time to read them. Making money while you sleep is an old scam-line used by criminal deviants back a decade or so ago, trying to lure naive people into what their phony online business sites had to offer.

    All one would need would be a computer, internet connection, plus the willingness to “follow the script” laid out by these frauds. Money would soon be flowing into this person’s bank accounts, even at 3 in the morning as he/she slept. A bunch of unmitigated b.s. I wrote this article to try and persuade people not to fall for these scams and instead seek more info on a much more relevant and legit opportunity offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you Chris for your comments! They have always been very much appreciated by me!



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