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One of the goals of this website, seen within its title is to provide readers with opportunities to generate income online.  Part of that mission is to provide info about online jobs that are available for a person to pursue, that is if he/she has the qualifications. Live chat Agent Jobs - Work From Home

In this article, I will address available live chat agent jobs, all work from home positions that readers can at least take a look at as an opportunity to make money online.

As you will see the main requirement that would be a crucial part of any specific individual eventually being hired is that he/she has a solid background, credentials and qualifications for these jobs.

I will present three sites that right now are looking to hire people to work from home.  The pay would be pretty decent and except for the first opportunity that I will address, Zwerl, the other two would be full-time positions.

Zwerl, however, has a wide range of subject topics covering many areas of expertise that a person applying for a position as a live chat agent might have in his/her background.

The two full-time jobs, Apple at Home Adviser and Kelly Services would be exclusively in the area of computer/Smart phone technical support.

1). Zwerl Live Chat Agent:

As advertised on the great work from home job leads site, Rat Race Rebellion, they are advertising the fact that as of today the company Zwerl is looking for live chat agents.  The promo states that Zwerl is looking for 85+ agents.

By the way and in case anyone does not know, live chat support is defined as a form of synchronous messaging between a customer and an agent done so through the Internet.  The chat could appear either on a company’s website or on its App.

On Rat Race Rebellion’s website as they advertise the Zwerl job, a person could apply directly on the company’s Facebook page.

Zwerl also has an App available at Google Play.  From there, once the App has been downloaded to a Smart Phone or mobile device the individual could then proceed to fill out the application.

Conversely with this App downloaded, a person not interested in applying for a job as chat agent could be in the role instead of a customer who is seeking info, (from a chat agent) to whatever problem in a variety of topics to which he/she needs an answer.

Zwerl has a number of topics/categories in which a person interested in becoming a live chat agent might apply for.  These topics include:

Art & Design                                                                            Home

Books & Literature                                                                 Legal, (Laws)

Business                                                                                   News

Computer Coding, (programming)                                   Relationships (Dating or Marriage)

Fashion, (both men and women)                                      Sports

Health                                                                                    Travel

And more!

In order to prove that an applicant knows “his/her stuff”, there is an assessment test at Zwerl in each of the available topics that must be passed with an acceptable grade/score.

This is done to prevent just anyone from being accepted into Zwerl’s job program when in reality the individual may know nothing, for example about Legal topics, or Computer Coding/Programming. Live Chat Agent Jobs - Work From Home

Zwerl, obviously wants to maintain a high standard of integrity whereby a person, (customer) seeking help on any number of topics through the company’s live chat support program is supplied with legitimate help from an agent to solve a problem taking place in that individual’s life.

If for example a person needed help with coding a program regarding an App onto his/her computer, then it would only be assumed that the agent supplying an answer to the problem has the credentials and qualifications to solve the issue.

As stated on the advertisement for this job over at Rat Race Rebellion and in being completely forthright, the individuals interested in pursuing this opportunity currently being offered by Zwerl should not treat it as a full-time job if he/she is hired.

Opportunities to assist people in an agent’s area of expertise should not be viewed as it taking up 40 hours per week.  Unlike the typical 9 – 5, Monday through Friday full-time job, a Zwerl live agent will not be kept busy for that length of time each week.

Instead if you are keenly interested, look at this opportunity with Zwerl to be a part-time gig in which you’d be making extra money – money that you would not be making otherwise if you were sitting at home doing absolutely nothing!

Speaking of money:

What you’d earn being a live chat agent at Zwerl is advertised as varying widely according to the subject area of your expertise.

It goes without saying that an agent who has the credentials to work with people in providing them legit help in Computer Coding and Legal, (regarding applicable laws) will make more money per hour versus a person who has expertise in sports or relationships, (dating or marriage).

The first two topics would obviously require some type of educational degree in that person’s background versus a person, (like myself) who knows a lot about sports but did not have to go to school to acquire that knowledge.

The pay rate per hour is advertised as being between $8/hour up to as much as $16/hour at Zwerl.  Again remember, this should be considered as a part-time gig.

However – if a person can pass a number of assessment tests in different topics, then he/she will have the opportunity to pull in more gigs as a live chat agent and make more $$ for him/herself weekly as compared to an individual who only has a background/knowledge in but one topic.

2). Live Chat Agent – Apple At Home Adviser:

Unlike the work from home job being offered at Zwerl, this opportunity to be an Apple at home adviser would be a full-time, 40-hour per week job.

The one very big requirement to consider for anyone reading this article and who might have an interest in pursuing employment with Apple would be that you simply must have an educational background/credentials in computer/Smart Phone technical support.

Here is the link at Apple’s site where you will see an in-depth explanation of this job.  Please scroll down about midway through the home page to where the discussion of becoming an at Home Adviser position can be found. Live Chat Agent Jobs - Work From Home

There is even a link located on that part of the homepage that will re-direct you to a page that lists the positions that are currently available.  On the day, (February 28th, 2018) that I wrote this article and clicking on the link  myself, I saw that there were 46 job openings available as an Apple at Home Adviser.

The company would even consider hiring current undergrad students who are specializing in Computer IT or Computer Coding/Programming in college as a way for them to not only gain experience but also to make extra money for themselves.  This could be, for instance, in between semesters when school is not in session.

The one other thing that a person thinking about applying simply must consider: Apple, of course makes their own brand of computers, MacIntosh. A person would probably need to have an educational background in computer tech on those type of computers.

Sorry, but Dell, Hewlett-Packard, (the model PC that I own as a desktop) and Lenovo computers are completely different.

However, it states on the homepage advertising the Home Adviser job that a candidate who does has a background in Computer as a tech support individual would receive additional training – no doubt getting him/her up to speed regarding Mac computers.

At Apple’s site I did not see, today, any info about pay regarding the amount of money that would be earned by a person hired for this home adviser job.

However, in the past Rat Race Rebellion did offer leads with this particular job.  I recall then that RRR stated that the pay rate for an Apple at Home Adviser was somewhere in the neighborhood of around $15 to as much as $20/hour based on experience.

3). Live Chat Agent – Kelly Services:

Kelly Services, as is stated on the company’s homepage on their website is partnered with practically every Fortune 100 company in existence.  The company has offices located all across the world.  The company was founded by William R. Kelly back in 1946!

As part of the company’s emphasis on work from home jobs in customer service, they created KellyConnect.

As part of the company’s offering workforce solutions that are unparalleled across the world, Kelly Services/KellyConnect also offers work from home jobs as live chat agents.

The requirements for this job, would be similar to the Apple at Home Adviser gig.  A candidate would have to has a background in tech support to even be considered.

The job would involve areas in computer troubleshooting.  For example, a customer forgetting his/her screen name or password to log into his/her computer.  Or a customer having problems installing or reinstalling software on a computer or Smart phone/mobile device. Live Chat Agent Jobs - Work From Home

Pay for this gig, which would be offered as a full-time job is advertised at around $12 up to $15/hour depending on experience.  A person would also receive paid training if hired by KellyConnect.

I did notice some cons listed on Glassdoor’s review page when they discussed KellyConnect.  This job was rated on a scale of 5 at 3.4.

Some drawbacks to this job as a live chat Agent with KellyConnect included one individual who complained after she took the assessment test that 5 weeks went by before she heard back from the company as to whether or not she had been hired, (she was).  This individual just complained that the hiring process took entirely too long.

Another former agent complained that the job was really as an “independent contractor” and not being hired as an actual “employee”.  For weeks, this individual did not get the full 40-hour work load as was advertised.

On Indeed’s site, one former KellyConnect live chat agent complained that while he/she did receive 40 hours of work per week, the company offered no health insurance.

Truly from my own experience that is the case with a good percentage of companies that provide work from home jobs.  Many of them do not offer any type of health insurance as in fact the people that they hire are not actual employees but instead, independent contractors.

So, understand that fact if you’re interested in pursuing any of the jobs listed in this article related to being a live chat agent professional.

In many instances, (although certainly not with all companies who offer work from home jobs) you’d be out on your own when it comes to purchasing health insurance. That would not be a benefit with many of these companies, unfortunately.

One More Thing. . .

If none of these jobs involving being a live chat agent interests you, but you still seek to obtain info about working from home, I have one solution that might interest you regarding learning how to run your own online business.

Please Click Here To See My Top Recommendation with a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

This company has been around since 2005 with at one time or another through the years over 1 million people worldwide being members. Live Chat Agent Jobs - Work From Home

Wealthy Affiliate offers the best educational training, tools, and community support for people who are serious in wanting to build a profitable online business for themselves.

You can treat this opportunity to become a member of this company, (initially for free if you so desire) as a way to bring in extra money for you and your family or, instead, as a full-time gig working from home.

Thank you for reading this article! If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:




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  1. Thank you for the enlightening article. I think it would be fun to help people using the Zwerl opportunity is areas such as finance or business (I have an MBA). I am wondering what exactly people would be asking though.

    If it isn’t a full time gig, do you have to be logged into a computer during specific hours? I think it would be hard to tell when the company would want you logged in.

    For that reason, kelly services, which will offer training seems like the most logical choice, even if they do not offer health insurance.

  2. Hi, Ernest! Thank you for reading the article and for sharing your thoughts.  As to the type of questions you would be asked as a Zwerl live chat agent, specifically within the areas of business and finance to which you have expertise Ernest I cannot even give you anything concrete.  The questions could be anything as people would be seeking answers to help solve a predicament or two that they are currently having.  

    Also if you read the info carefully, Ernest from the actual advertisement for the Zwerl job that I linked to within my article, a chat agent would definitely need to be logged into his/her computer to participate.  As to specific hours, again as explained in that article, the agent would set his/her own hours according to what would be most convenient to that individual.

    To be honest as is the case with most work-at-home jobs in which the person would be in the role of an independent contractor Zwerl, like Kelly Services would not offer health insurance either.


  3. As someone who has been looking to supplement my income through multiple stream, I have come across many types of at home jobs. The ones you listed above seem pretty legit, as well as interesting.

    I will suggest one of these to someone I know who had a disability. This may be just what they are looking for!

  4. Hi, Nadia!  Thank you so much for both reading this article and also for sharing your thoughts. I am also quite happy that you found the job advertisement in this article in the field of live chat agent support to be useful and will recommend the opportunity to a person that you know!

    I hope that it all works out for this individual!  Again, Nadia I do so appreciate your spending time at my website and in particular with this article!



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