Is Wealthy Affiliate A Legit Opportunity?

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So are you a person thinking about going into business for yourself online?  There are so many companies that ls Wealthy Affiliate a legitadvertise online what they have to offer in allowing you to make money for yourself.

Let’s also keep it real, okay?  A lot of these opportunities are also 100% fraudulent.

Yet searching for “financial freedom” in perhaps down the road never having to worry about money ever again, people still go online everyday looking for that dream business opportunity.

You might have heard about one company in particular Wealthy Affiliate and I have always believed it to be my top recommendation to learn how to build a legit online business from home.

Perhaps yourself being a past victim of scams, you ask yourself:

Is Wealthy Affiliate a legit opportunity which will allow me to finally achieve my dream of attaining success in such a business? Or is it something that I need to completely stay away from?

Being a member of the company now for about a year and a half, let me help you arrive at a fundamental conclusion.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a great deal regarding education!  Is Wealthy Affiliate a legit

Face it, unless somehow you are aware of all that is available regarding how to market a business through choosing a niche, the use of keywords and SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) writing relevant and highly targeted content, promoting your products online through social media and other methods then “No”, you really would have no idea what you’d be doing on your own.

I have issued reviews of other online business opportunities who have mediocre, outdated and ill-conceived training/educational materials that would teach you how to run an online marketing business.

You cannot use marketing concepts that were used back in 2006!  They would not work today!

Wealthy Affiliate is second to none as far as providing you with relevant, up-to-date training materials.  They teach educational marketing concepts that would be relevant today – not training one would have used along with his/her Windows 2000 Operating System computer 15 years ago! Is Wealthy Affiliate a legit

In fact there is so much training available at Wealthy Affiliate that the only real negative that one could associate with this opportunity, is that there is too much education!

Well as for that ideal, it’s better to have too much training as opposed to nothing at all!

Besides which the founders of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson, have always stressed to new members who have joined the community that everyone learn the training materials at his/her OWN PACE!

There is no timetable at Wealthy Affiliate in that you must finish each section of the training within a specific time.  Not everyone learns facts/concepts intellectually at the same pace or even the same way!

Just as would be the concepts in teaching a group of people math, as example; some will take in these concepts involving this subject differently through how/what their brains assimilate facts than would others.

The community at Wealthy Affiliate – Second to NONE!

There is also the Wealthy Affiliate community, consisting of tens of thousands of members.  Understand that many members probably came into their online business experience as green as you might be now.  Yes, many were “newbies” as well!

The thing is, through the very philosophy instilled into this opportunity by Kyle and Carson when they founded this company back in 2005, people all strive to help one another! Is Wealthy Affiliate a legit

I remember several months ago a person joining Wealthy Affiliate for the first time and the number of people who greeted her.  Initially she went into this opportunity with the wrong idea of what Wealthy Affiliate was all about.

This person actually stated that she was reluctant to get out and meet people at the company’s site.  Why?  She thought, erroneously that everyone was in competition with each other as far as trying to build a profitable online business for themselves.

It was completely wrong thinking on her part and here is why.  My other website has to do with the sport of bicycling.  I know that there are very few members of Wealthy Affiliate who are in that particular niche.  99%, (minimum) of people who are members are NOT in direction competition with me as far as that part of my business.

People within the Wealthy Affiliate Community WILL help you – but YOU have to ask!

People in the community, as long as YOU make an effort to try and meet others will do all that they can to help you with whatever problems that you might have regarding your business.  Not everyone of course has the answers, (I know that I don’t).   However it would be necessary first for you to ask for help if needed!

There are also Kyle and Carson themselves who you can contact one-on-one with problems that might arise.

There is also a dedicated technical support staff available 24/7 with anything having to do with your website having technical issues.

Speaking of websites:

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you have the opportunity to create at least 2 websites for free, (at the basic level) up to a total of 50 different websites at the paid member level.  Each site would be hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. Is Wealthy Affiliate a legit

You used to have to go out on your own and hire an outside company to “host” and take care of any advanced technical issues that might arise with your website.  Of course that meant $$ set aside in your budget in having this done.

With Wealthy Affiliate this would be done for you as long as you retained your membership.

Through the company’s website building platform, you can create your own website quite easily.  No previous training/education in computer programming, coding, website design, etc. is necessary.  You can also create a website in under 15 minutes from scratch!

So easy that a child could do it, believe me!  It would be that simple!

So what am I really saying?

Wealthy Affiliate is the most legit opportunity that exists on the Internet regarding a company providing you with everything having to do with running an online business.

About 6 months ago here on this site, I issued a review of a company that turned out to be a complete scam.  This company is called Strong Future International or SFI.   Is Wealthy Affiliate a legit

Without question in performing research and then analyzing what this company, SFI, was all about, I came to the following conclusion:  SFI was a complete scam.

Any company that, as its business model, is set up as a Pyramid scheme in which you could earn income on the efforts of people as much as 12 levels below you in your downline, is bogus.

Joining a company with this type of set-up you would do so at your own peril.  Pyramid schemes as I have stated numerous times at this site are illegal in many countries worldwide.  And definitely in the U.S.

Companies proven to be Pyramid schemes have been shut down by the Feds, their owners/founders either having to pay stiff fines levied on them because of the criminal activities that went on, or else they were put in jail!

Anyway on that review, and perhaps nothing but spam there was an attempt put forth by an individual associated with this SFI opportunity who was offended at what I had to say.  He stated, being a member of SFI that the opportunity was completely legit and what right did I have completely trashing this company?

(What planet does he live on calling SFI “legit”? I do this to provide a service to my readers to try and educate people about online scams which still pollute the Internet).

He concluded his comment by saying that he was sick and tired of Wealthy Affiliate members like me, acting all “high and mighty” and who believe that our company is “so much better than everyone else”!

Well to be completely honest and also to “tell it like it is”, the opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate IS so much better than anything else.  That is if you truly want to learn how to eventually, (and correctly/legally) build a successful online business for yourself.

If you want to throw away your money in a get-rich-quick scheme, then be my guest like that one person who got so upset about what I said about SFI.  Join that company now.  Within several months and after you have flushed $$$ down the proverbially toilet, you’ll quickly come to regret it!

Do You Need More Info? Is Wealthy Affiliate a legit

Now after reading this article you may still want more info about this company.  If you still can’t answer for yourself the following: “Is Wealthy Affiliate a legit opportunity?” then I ask that you click here.  I wrote a much more comprehensive review of all that would be offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:




8 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Legit Opportunity?

  1. Great post and review detailing all of the benefits that can await you once you get going with Wealthy Affiliate. The reason that I like it is because they don’t sugar coat anything, Kyle tells you straight up that it is going to be a pretty hefty amount of work and that the important this is just to not give up.

    I’m glad that you gave this program a favorable review because I know that people will be able to benefit quite a lot from it.

    Excellent post, and I hope to see more from you soon!

  2. I really like my WA experience so far. It’s an interesting option to learn how to become an online marketer. There is a great deal of information on how to find a niche in which you will be comfortable writing but also on how to gain visibility with your target audience. The greatest strength of this is the helpful community that can answer your question and help out when you are stuck.

  3. Hi Carolyn! Thank you for reading this article and then issuing your thoughts. I’m glad that you have been able to benefit by all that this great company has to offer. I hope that your online business connected with WA is going well for you! I agree with everything that you stated. No other company can offer all that WA does for members!

    Again thank you for taking the time to both read this article and also for your kind comments, Carolyn!



  4. Hi Alec! Having remembered you from our exchange of comments on each other’s site, I again appreciate the very kind thoughts that you posted on this article. I agree with all that you had to say in your comments. Running an online business does require a great deal of work. The fact that the co-founder, Kyle has always made this ideal quite clear is a testament to the validity of WA. So many other fraud/scam business opportunities lie to people, telling them that money can be made quickly online. A bunch of unfiltered garbage and sadly, daily, people still fall for these lies. They would have been MUCH better off trying out WA before they threw away their money on bogus scams.

    I wish you continued success in your online business Alec! Again your thoughts are so appreciated in what you had to say about this article, sir!



  5. By nature, I’m quite a skeptical person. The downside is that I seldom trust and try new stuff. But with a change of mindset in 2015, I stumbled into Wealthy Affiliate.

    I like that it has no upsells, except offering you to take up the paid membership, which I duly take up before the week is up. I like the community, and the abundance of resources available. And there’s no empty promise of getting rich quick as often shouted by other suspicious scams.

  6. Hi Kenny! Thank you for reading this article about Wealthy Affiliate. Indeed WA is a legit opportunity for one to grow an online business. As you noted there are no upsells and promises of get-rich-quick opportunities. In my opinion this opportunity is the best on the Internet for anyone from the newbie to the veteran entrepreneur to slowly build income online.

    Thank you for your comments, Kenny!



  7. I’ve actually spent the last two weeks checking out this WA platform becuase I was recommended it by and associate.
    So far I haven’t come across any negative reviews and people are quick to point out that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Really starting to like what I see here – how long have you been there for?

  8. Hi again Chris,

    Thank you for again reading one of my articles. I thought that you already were a member of Wealthy Affiliate, based on the number of articles of mine on this site that you have read. Indeed Chris you simply WON’T find a negative review of this company unless you come across one which is completely baseless. The fact that over the life of the company going back to 2005 more than 500,000 people have tried it says all that is needed about this fantastic company.

    It definitely is not a get-rich-quick scheme, none of whom are at all legit. These fraud online business opportunities prey on the desperation of people who look to make a lot of money quickly. And trust me Chris it NEVER would happen with these bogus schemes.

    I have been with WA since Feb. of 2005. Besides this website which promotes the company itself, I have a second one in the bicycling niche as I have participated in that sport both for recreation and as a way to stay in shape for around 40 years.

    If you have not visited my landing page which goes into great detail about WA, Chris below is the link. You can begin at the free membership level to allow you to “kick the tires” so to speak: Here is the link:….

    If after you go through the entire page Chris and you have any questions please feel free to contact me, probably on another article through a comment. In any case if you find that the opportunity with WA is something that you’d like to try I would look forward to working with you!



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