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Just yesterday I added a post to this website which was a review of an online business I thought to be quite spurious.  The review was of the company known as Internet marketing for an online businessStrong Future International or SFI.

I did not like this company’s marketing strategies enabling you to grow a successful business.  The company’s “Comp Plan” was, flat out, built on the concept of a pyramid scheme.  It is unethical and illegal for you to benefit monetarily from the work of others in a company’s structure placed some 10 or 12 levels beneath you.

Instead I would like to discuss the credible concepts behind successful Internet marketing for an online business.  We no longer are in the 20th century and standing outside of your local grocery store, at a movie theater or restaurant seeking to pass out your business card in the hopes of recruiting/marketing strangers to join is as outdated as driving a Toyota Cressida.  That particular model car by Toyota went out of production back in the early 1990’s!

So what would be the concepts behind a successful marketing strategy for an online business in 2016?

First of all it goes without saying that the Internet still continues to evolve and grow almost daily in today’s world.  Any person who does not take advantage of all of the positive things that the Internet has to offer would be one individual who in the end would not make a penny in his/her business.

The most important thing that you would need to first advertise your business and the product being offered would be a website.  A website would essentially function as a store.  For example what could be a very popular store located strategically in a great place in a very busy mall.  Whatever would be the product(s) offered at your website, (or mall store fictitiously) it should be promoted in  way to attract visitors to see and later perhaps purchase it.

First understand one concept before I discuss what I feel are the most important components of your website.  This would be the fact that today it really is almost simplistic to have a website built for you.  In fact using tools available in some of the popular platforms today, (WordPress being the most popular) when addressing the concept of website creation, you can essentially build and design a website yourself.

You no longer need an educational background in computer programming, coding, website design, and so on as was the case back in the year 2000.  A popular platform for building a website is found at SiteRubix.

Within the concept behind successful marketing for an online business, the composition of a well-constructed website with a pleasing layout and design would include:

Article Content Internet marketing for an online business

Perhaps the most important concept behind building a successful online business when studying marketing strategies is the need for one’s having quality and highly relevant article content be the very foundation within any website.

The main focus for building up a business is that it should be your aim to target the readers/customers who visit your site and who are there for a purpose.  These individuals are looking for something that would be needed in their lives, or improve it, or to make these people happier.

If you are in the niche regarding baby clothes for infants, you would want to have the individual – mother of a young child who is looking for clothing for her very young infant to come visit your website and all that you would have to offer her as a way of improving her life.

In the above example having to do with baby clothes, the content added consistently to a website should therefore address how the product that you have to offer would serve as an important need to that young mother at your website.

The thing is however that you should craft your article content so that you do not come across as only trying to make that sale to the mother.  No one likes to be backed into a corner with the demand that they fork over their credit card with some sort of phony sounding sales’ scheme, and “buy it right now”!  Remember it is about the customer’s needs, not your wanton desire to make a lot of $$ in your business that is of prime importance.  That old line stating that “The customer always comes first” indeed is true with regards to online marketing.

The most important strategy behind promoting a product involves target marketing.  You want to attempt to attract the particular customer/reader who has a desire to find out more information about the product(s) that you are particularly offering at your website.  Don’t try to lure the 23 year old male, fresh out of college who has landed a good job and looking to purchase a nice car when your site specifically sells those baby clothes.  What purpose would be served trying to advertise to that young male?

Behind the very basis of any article content regarding sentence structure, (besides the fact that it would be well-written) would that it be formulated on important keywords.  In an article that I have already posted here at this website, I discuss how your articles and website would be indexed online by Google, Bing and Yahoo.  My discussion included the importance of SEO or search engine optimization. Internet marketing for an online business

Looking at the choice behind your keywords, (or keyword phrases) as the basis for any content article, when published you then would get ranked by Google, Bing, and Yahoo based on a formula which factors in relevance, competition coming from other websites, the structure within the very content, (too many keywords would be viewed as being a negative by the search engines), and etc.

The content added on to your website could also include reviews of other products that are in competition from what your website offers, (besides the review of just your product) and discussion from leading “experts” about the same product.

What really is of prime importance behind the content found on any website is that you are in line with what the search engines consider to be highly relevant and well-written articles which follow their rules.

These search engines also favor owners who consistently add new and engaging content articles to their websites consistently – not ones coming from those who only add 1 or 2 articles per month to a website.

Images whether they be photos or videos: internet marketing for an online business

I thought that I would briefly touch on the subject of images, be they photos or videos added to a website.  Yes, visually readers like to “see” images within an article’s content.  It is a fact that in today’s world an overwhelming majority of the population is visual.  It is why now for years Google has understood this and a reason why YouTube is immensely popular world-wide.

Make no mistake however.  A great website first contains within its structure highly relevant and well written content.  You cannot describe to a young mother the specifics and important of a pair of baby booties solely by having a few pictures on that website’s page, and then asking her to simply buy the product.  The mother is going to want to know information about the booties – the material, size availability, are they washable, will they keep her baby’s feet warm outdoors, and color.  This can only be answered through written sentence structure, not simply with a picture or two.

Still consider written article content to be of #1 value to a website’s having relevance and viability on the Internet.  Any videos or photos would serve to supplement the actual content. Not be the content on a website!

Use of social media platforms to promote/market your online business:

I also have previously discussed how social media has basically exploded just within the past 5 or so years.   Marketing your business should involve your making yourself visual online at such sites as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest.  Instagram would be viable as well although their platform is mostly visual as opposed to having the ability to post great website content articles onto it.

Yes, there is a lot of negativity online –especially with Facebook and Twitter.  You would need to take advantage of some of the tools offered at these two sites to make sure that you are posting your content only within certain venues, and that only well-intentioned individuals can see what it is you are marketing. Internet marketing for an online business

Both sites have tools that allow you to post your material specifically to just a portion of the total viewing audience.  Be smart and take advantage of this.  The last thing you would want it so have some troll seize your post material and then use it viciously to spread nothing but negative tactics which could harm you and your business.

Nevertheless if done wisely, having your business promoted through social media would get the word out in a positive manner and help you tremendously with your business.

Final thoughts:

Internet marketing for an online business today involves one’s being able to promote his/her business through website content that is highly relevant, consistently updated, and which is in step with the major search engines which would analyze it daily.

Further strategies surrounding the wise usage of social media would also help grow your business.  Remember one other important ideal.  Having an online business involves a willingness to put in a lot of hard work and effort over time.  Despite whatever you might have heard, coming solely through fraudulent and bogus scammers, you simply cannot build a highly profitable online business quickly.

The opportunities that you see where they sell you on the get-rich-quick-scheme is nothing but a scam.  Most likely those devious individuals would be asking you for a lot of money to get involved in a too-good-to-be true dream.  No it won’t be a dream.  Just a nightmare for you when you discover, too late, that you threw a way a lot of money and ended up with nothing!

So Is There Truly a Legit Program Out There?  YES!

Look there is a lot of junk out there, all online business opportunities that you should avoid at all costs!  Please allow me to fill you in on an online business that would be FREE for you to join, and it is 100% legit.  Click Here As It Is My #1 Recommendation That Exists On The Internet if you are looking to start your own business from home.  Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family.

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:


6 thoughts on “Internet Marketing for an Online Business

  1. I’ve been scammed quite a few times and I’m always a bit too cautious these days when it comes to anything new especially if it’s promoted online. However, after checking out your site I did go ahead and look into Wealthy Affiliate and I am happy to say this company is unlike any other I’ve looked into, ever. The fact that I can try it out for free is huge. The entire layout and friendliness of the online community offered at Wealthy Affiliate is very encouraging as well. I will be looking further into this, thank you for your site!

  2. Hello,
    Very interesting and informative article. I am always weary of online scams and the one you reviewed seems like one. On the use of social media platforms I am beginning to realize the importance of using facebook, google plus, and twitter. You are 100 percent correct when you said online businesses are NOT a get rich scheme. It takes time and plenty of effort to build a respectable online business. Very good read.

  3. Hi Jeff,
    I real thank you for adding more assurance on me for joining WA community aiming in earning income online.

    The first time I learnt about WA is the time I was about to deposit $250 to an online binary trade. So before doing that I searched for more information from google and it is when I encountered an article written by Kyle about online scams and a clear explanations about WA.

    Tell you the truth from all my searches this one real touched my heart and the same day I joined the WA community. And since I joined I am enjoying every minutes of working on my website and the training I am getting everyday. Though i am just on course 2 but I believe in the next 4 to 6 months I will be able to start seeing my dreams becoming true.

    My question to you is you said “The content added on to your website could also include reviews of other products that are in competition from what your website offers, (besides the review of just your product) and discussion from leading “experts” about the same product.” How does this mean? It means should I copy and paste to my website readings from expert? In need more clarification on this.


  4. Hi Masele thank you for both reading my comments and afterwards issuing your thoughts. I am so happy that you found WA and apparently have gotten off to a great start with your business. WA, I consider to be easily the best program which would teach you how to properly grow an online marketing business.

    As to your question regarding getting comments from other sites, here is what I do. I also have as part of my business a website dedicated to everything about bicycling as well as nutrition/dieting and maintaining fitness. When I do review of bicycling products offered to my readers who might be looking for something in particular, I take the time over at Amazon’s site to take note of what previous customers and their thoughts, (both positive and negative) about a specific product that which is the focus of an article review. Most times it is the thoughts of a customer who previously had made a purchase of this product that would be of most benefit to my site readers as they might be thinking of making a purchase themselves. A review coming from a customer who stated that the product ended up being of great benefit in adding something to his/her life, (it could be a bicycle helmet, clothing, component such as a bicycle computer, etc.), would carry much greater weight as opposed to my just talking about it – particularly as in some cases as personally I might not have actually purchased the specific bicycle product being reviewed in the article myself.

    If you’re searching for the opinion of a well-known expert who is familiar with the product, (who might have published his/her review) then you’d probably want to contact this person personally for legal purposes. I have not yet done those types of reviews other than ones that I know Kyle and Carson have already approved of in training. Nevertheless in those circumstances I still have given credit to the two WA founders.

    Also if you take information from published journals then you’d have to, (in the footer below the article) list the exact source from which you received this information to prevent charges of plagerism.

    I hope that all of this helps, Masele! Again thank you for reading this article!



  5. Hi Rob. Thank you for both taking the time to read my article and afterwards issuing your thoughts. Building a respectable business indeed does take time, something that I’ve learned both through experience and also what is taught here at WA to which I am a member.

    It’s sickening how these criminals still are able to get away with suckering people into giving up, in some cases lots of $$$ as they chase their dream of becoming millionaires quickly. However as many people on this Earth basically are greedy in believing that money is everything it’s no wonder that so many individuals considered to get suckered pretty much on a daily basis!

    Thank you again for your thoughts, Rob!



  6. Hi Meherbani! Thank you so much for both reading this article and afterwards sharing your thoughts. If there is any further questions that you might be entertaining about the Wealthy Affiliate program, please do not hesitate to leave me another comment. Or better yet I encourage you to subscribe to my email series – you might have caught that promo which appeared coming from the right side of the page which began “So are you interested”? Signing up, you would get more info about WA. You’d still not be making any commitment at that point. One of the great things initially about WA is that you can try it out for free. “Kick the tires” so to speak. The great thing about WA is also their community support as well as their training as outlined in my review which from what you stated you did read through:….

    In any case again thank you for issuing your positive thoughts. I look forward to talking to you again!



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