How To Start A Business For Free

Just to let you know:  You might think, looking at the title of this article, “how to start a business for free” that it must be another one of those bogus scams seen How to start a business for freeall over the Internet.

Scams involving running an online business are something that I personally hate within every fiber of my being.  I have been the victim of fraud schemes, being tricked by criminal deviants and as a result I lost a lot of money in the process.

There are bogus business opportunities that would cost you a fortune to join, devised by some con artist with the lie that investing some money will, in return, potentially bring a person in some serious money.

Yet how many millions of times have people fallen for this con?  I know that I did back in 2005 when I decided to invest around $1,000 into what turned out to be a scam program entitled Liberty League.

What I propose to do in this article is provide LEGIT online business and/or work from home ideas that could be started for free.

These opportunities would allow you to generate income online that would not involve scams.   I have too much respect for my readers to guide them into something that would turn out to be 100% fraudulent.

There’s already too much of that bull____ still going on today!

 Work From Home Business Opportunities that could be started for free!

As far as work from home opportunities, I always promote what is the most legit only job leads site that could be found online in Rat Race Rebellion.

For free, 6 days per week you can receive in your email inbox coming from Rat Race Rebellion, leads coming from many different categories of work from home jobs.

Please note that in many instances you would have probably be required to have both educational training and prior experience in whatever job lead that you find interesting.

Just yesterday in a past article, I promoted a handful of well-paying jobs.  I realize that I was specifically addressing this to senior citizens/retired people.  However, if you look at a few work from home jobs they would be designed for any qualified person.

Specifically, a job being an online tutor could potentially become a full-time business that would bring in a LOT of money.

With the pressure placed on academics in the U.S., and many other countries throughout the world, there is an emphasis for kids to eventually get a college education. How to start a business for free

This begins in the elementary school level with students being required to learn subjects that back when I was a 10-year old kid, would never have been taught – computers being a prime example.

I am 59-years’ old by the way.  Back in 1968, NO ONE owned a computer in his/her house.

In line with that philosophy many parents today only look for the best type of educational instruction for their kids. It includes many parents having the money to go out and hire tutors to give their kids that added edge besides what they learn in the classroom.

One such job involving online tutoring pays up to $36/hour!

As I said above please understand that jobs of this nature would involve a candidate having a solid educational background and experience at this type of endeavor.

All legit online tutoring sites of this nature would thoroughly check the background, (otherwise known as “vetting”) of all candidates.

Just because you may see you really like working with kids, as one of my readers posted in a comment, does not qualify every individual in successfully being able to obtain a job in this type of venture.

In past articles, I have discussed other work from home business jobs/opportunities such as becoming a virtual assistant.

With Fortune 500 companies now looking more and more to hire people to work from home, this would even include companies like Dell, Hewlett Packard andHow to start a business for free Microsoft who seek qualified candidates, adept at computer programming and I.T. at high-paying jobs in those endeavors.  Again, the individual would work from home!

I have previously seen jobs of those types advertised at the Rat Race Rebellion site.

Understand that companies are now doing this because for them it represents a savings cost as there is no need to have office space/buildings to house a huge majority of staff members.

Through technology involving webcasting, certified employees of a company, instead of driving 50 – 100 miles’ round trip to meet with other staff, could accomplish the same thing using available technology today such as something called GoToMeeting.

No one would physically be in the same room, yet a dozen people or more could be conducting official company business all from the comforts of their individual homes.

Online opportunities that would be free to start up as a business!

When addressing opportunities of this nature I will always begin with what is my top recommendation for learning how to run a legit business from home.

The company itself is called Wealthy Affiliate.  It has been online since 2005, co-founded by two gentlemen who still run this organization.  There have been at one time or another 800,000 people who have been members of Wealthy Affiliate.

The educational training, tools, (for building a website/websites) and community support are unmatched anywhere online.

This company is not the only legit opportunity that I am aware of that exists online.  Other opportunities available at Affiloroma, (which for the first month costs $1, okay so technically I guess that it would not be free, sorry) is similar to my top recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate above.

Eventually and the big difference between the two is that Affilorama, while legit does have a few potentially expensive upsells to think about. You are not required to participate in these upsells.  However you also would not be getting the full benefit of joining this site should you choose not to pay for the complete membership.

As I said above, that is the big difference between Affilorma and Wealthy Affiliate; the latter not having a huge 3-figure upsell deal hanging over your head. How to start a business for free

If you are looking to promote the selling of products that YOU have designed there is also Etsy. Again, I am sorry as technically to start up, it would cost you 20 cents. With that price, initially you could be able to create your website for free for the first 30 days.

Etsy is perhaps THE most legit company that involves a person selling his/her own homemade crafts, jewelry, knickknacks and other products designed by that individual.

Opportunities such as Avon and Amway!

I have previously issued reviews of both Avon and Amway at this site.  I found those two companies to be legit and anyone saying that they are scams; Avon in existence since the 1890’s and Amway since 1959 would be a complete fool.

However, both companies looking at the viewpoint of starting up a business for free are definitely NOT!  Each would require capital ($$) from day one.

Also, while I thought that again both opportunities are legit, still I questioned some of the training that would be taught to anyone getting involved with those two ventures.

To be blunt the training methods taught now at both Avon and Amway are a little too “2000ish” for me.  They are seriously outdated if one considers how a person can market out products online.

Both companies still recommending as marketing strategies people handing out business cards at supermarkets, restaurants and movie theaters, etc., truly went out of style 15+ years ago, considering the advent of social media and online marketing.

So once again if you are serious about starting a business online, please consider what is my top recommendation at Wealthy Affiliate. It is the most legit program online that would train you to learn how to grow a business the right way! How to start a business for free

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:




4 thoughts on “How To Start A Business For Free

  1. Could you talk a little more about the community support you mentioned when talking about wealthy affiliate. Do you just mean that everybody helps each other or how exactly does that work. I know having a bunch of positive people around you definitely makes anything easier. Does the community there do anything to help starting your own business easier? Thanks for the input.

  2. Hi Brad, Thank you for reading the article although I wish you would have addressed at least something about the other business opportunities mentioned.

    The community at Wealthy Affiliate involves people who are members of the site who provide support by way of answering questions posed by others who need help with anything related to their business. Some people might not understand part of the various training offered by the company. Posing a question to the community soon is answered by a person in the know who genuinely wants to assist the individual with that problem.

    Any WA member can also provide his/her own training, created to help others in various business aspects. Often it is most beneficial when veteran members/entrepreneurs of the company provide their thoughts on a variety of topics regarding owning an online business. Those people have “been through the ropes” and through their success provide truly the best ideas and thoughts to those striving to attain what they have achieved financially.

    Other times it might involve motivation coming from people who might be emotionally down about stuff – beyond their business. Family situations, loved ones who are sick.

    The only thing disallowed by the co-founders of WA are topics about religion and politics; two ideals sure to cause conflicts among people. Those two subjects are just not allowed, with threads/comments quickly being deleted and if necessary that person being reprimanded.

    In fact as you mentioned being around a group of positive people leads to others having the right mindset to push themselves towards reaching goals in business.

    I hope my answer provides a little bit of a window regarding the community at WA. There is so much more, Brad but time and space prevent me from delving deeply into the subject.

    Thank you for reading the article, sir!



  3. I would to know what is the best profitable franchise business that cost 10k or less to invest in.I’m so confused about which franchise I should buy, I read many complaints about franchise business and I am afraid to lose my money if I invested in the wrong franchise. if you have any ideas about franchises and which ones I should invest in ,that would be great
    Thank you

  4. Hi Karim, Based on my own personal experiences I would not invest money in ANY franchise business if I were you. You are so right in what you said about complaints as many of these franchise opportunities are outright scams. If you truly are interested in receiving training on how to learn how to run a business on your own which has nothing to do with your being connected to a franchise than I suggest that you think about what was my top recommendation that I twice posted a link to within the body of the article, Karim.

    The opportunity is called Wealthy Affiliate. Please read more info about this program here:

    This opportunity has NOTHING to do with owning a franchise. As I stated it is an educational training program that would teach you how to own a business either marketing products online or else promoting the company itself. Franchise businesses? I’d stay away from them if I were you Karim. Chances are you’d lose a lot of money besides which there are very few franchise business opportunities that would cost you under 10k. Most cost a lot more than that figure!
    Thank you for reading the article, Karim!


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