How To Increase Traffic To Your Website For Free

Strategies That Would Not Have You Paying A Dime In Order To Get Traffic To Your Online Business! (Updated Oct. 25th, 2017) How to get targeted web traffic

Every online business owner searches for ways to get traffic to his/her website.   What I would like to discuss in this article is how to get FREE traffic to a website, and all of it targeted.  So, keep your checkbook, credit/debit card in your drawer.

Below, I will discuss strategies that will bring in targeted traffic to you website that will not cost you one penny!

Targeted traffic is the best type of traffic for a website!  Why?

As would be the case with practically every website that could be found on the Internet, (unless it is one that is an outright scam),  the business owner would be promoting a specific and legitimate product(s).

If the product for a particular website has to do exclusively with golf club drivers, (Calloway, Taylor Made, GX-7, Titleist, etc.) then the owner of that site would like to have visitors reading his/her articles that are highly interested in that particular niche within the sport of golf.

The site’s owner should market his business targeting to those people interested in that niche only; and who are looking for golf club drivers!!!!  Thus the name:  targeted traffic!

There would be no sense for that website owner to try and convince people who are interested in any other type of product – baby shoes, fishing rods, basketball sneakers, mental health remedies or even people seeking to find info specifically on golf club bags to visit his/her site.

What would be the purpose?  None of those other individuals mentioned above would be considered as targeted traffic. Even looking at golf club bags they are NOT the same product as Calloway “Big Bertha” driving clubs!

As the business owner never promoted golf club bags at his/her site in the first place, then any individual looking to purchase that product would not be considered as targeted traffic.

I hope that you understand the difference.  This is something that I learned coming from my top recommendation, an educational program that would teach you how to run a legit online business from home!

So, exactly how would you get free targeted traffic to your website you may be asking?

Getting free targeted traffic is not exactly rocket science by any means.  However, it does require a commitment coming from a business owner with his/her How to increase traffic to your website for freewillingness to continually add new and highly relevant content articles to his/her website!

And by commitment, I mean new articles posted several times per week, especially if the website has recently been created.  This would be opposed to adding new content 2 – 3 times per month!

In case you are unaware as a new online business owner, there is the importance of SEO, or “search engine optimization”.  It has a lot to do with how a website gets ranked by the major search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search engine optimization is a set of rules by Google, Yahoo, etc., designed to help online business owners in having their websites improve their rankings online.

Basically, the higher a website is ranked online, (meaning on the first page that being THE place to have your site ranked) it would mean that more visitors are coming to that site and being presented with whatever product(s) that is being promoted.

Now there is also the issue regarding keywords, really the foundation of the content in every article posted on a website.

Only accomplished through the business owner first conducting extensive research using a tool such as one called Jaaxy, can the right keywords be located and then used at the best strategic placement possible within an article as he/she creates relevant content.

Through the process of adding great content articles to a website several times per week, gradually the website will be recognized and trusted by the search engines!

Slowly but surely over time, the website will see its ranking increase dramatically!  But as I also said, remember it takes commitment and effort on the owner’s part to constantly add new articles being posted on the site!

Also remember the following:  The higher a website gets ranked on the various search engines,  the more targeted traffic is coming to see what is being promoted by the business owner.  What this all mean down the road?

$$$$ coming into that online business!

So, what does this all have to do with getting free traffic to a website you ask? How to increase traffic to your website for free

Everything that I just above regarding SEO, the process of performing keyword research, writing articles and posting them to a website would all be done for FREE!

It would cost that business owner absolutely nothing; not one penny coming out of his/her expense account in performing all of these steps.

It would be bringing that business owner targeted traffic to the website, people truly interested in viewing the products that are being promoted in the content articles.

Unlike Pay-per-click ad campaigns that could cost a whole lot of $$$; considering what would be done to complete the tasks mentioned above would amount to the following:


Nothing beats free, don’t you agree?

Competition coming from other websites!

A business owner creating a website from scratch needs to understand one very important ideal:

Without question, there would be competition online coming from other websites promoting either the same or a very similar product(s) in a business.  This is crucial to understand considering the use of keywords or keyword phrases within the body of an article.

To get an article, and eventually an entire website ranked highly on the search engines, the business owner would want to have as little competition as possible coming from other sites that are trying to get ranked according to the same keywords found in articles. How to increase traffic to your website for free

Using a keyword research tool, it would be advantageous for the business owner to select keywords/keyword phrases that would allow for less than 100 other websites to compete for rankings – under those same keywords/keyword phrase.

True, the owner of a website would like to have targeted visitors coming to read articles posted in which a product(s) is being promoted.  Let me give you two examples to try and explain my point:

Example 1.  A keyword/keyword phrase as researched using a research tool, has been found to create 325 searches per month under that term, 100 unique visitors if the site is ranked on the first page on the search engines. But there are 155 competing websites ranked on the search engines for that exact keyword/keyword phrase.

Example 2.  Conversely, a keyword/keyword phrase as researched is found to create 120 searches per month under that term, 55 unique visitors if the site is ranked on the first page on the search engines.  There are also 25 competing websites ranked on the search engines for that exact keyword/keyword phrase.

Which of the two examples above would be better for a business owner in the growth of his/her website:  Example 1 or 2?

Example 1:  325 searches per month       100 unique visitors               155 competing websites

Example 2:  120 searches per month       55 unique visitors                   25 competing websites

If you said example 1 above just because there would be more created searches, (325) and more unique visitors if the site were to be ranked on the first page; you would be WRONG!

The big difference is that in Example 1 there are 155 competing websites for that particular keyword/keyword phrase.  For a new website that really is not a good thing!

Remember above, I recommended that the number of competing sites should always be under 100 for a keyword/keyword phrase!

You would much prefer a website experiencing growth and getting more free traffic with Example 2, above.

Sure, there is less traffic coming to the website per month.  There is also much less competition, (25 other websites versus 155) for that identical keyword/keyword phrase as well.

The latter is the most important ideal to think about strategically when going about the process of conducing keyword research.

Think of the following: Low Hanging Fruit! How to increase traffic to your website for free

In what again is my top recommendation for learning how to create a legit online business working from home and greatly emphasized by that educational program; what one must remember is something called going after the “low hanging fruit”!

It should always be the goal of an online business owner that he/she go after the low hanging fruit – using identical keyword/keyword phrases within the body of content articles that there be very little competition coming from other websites.

Those keywords considered to be low hanging fruit have less visitors per month versus those, (keywords) sitting way up high in a tree which you can’t reach unless standing on a 12-foot tall ladder.   Look out below, in case you unfortunately fall off that ladder!

The low fruit, (keywords) you can reach up hanging 3 inches easily within arm’s reach, have very little competition from other websites using the same keywords/keyword phrases.

In studies using the low hanging fruit strategy it has been proven that a new website will get ranked quicker over time, and placed higher on the search engine pages as opposed to the opposite.

Eventually having more than 100 highly relevant and unique content articles posted on a website using the “low hanging fruit” strategy, over the course of time will surely have much-sought after targeted traffic purchasing product(s) promoted in the owner’s business.

What could this all mean?   MONEY coming into a business and potentially a LOT of it!

Boy, for the business owner promoting golf driving clubs using these techniques to increase free traffic coming to a website down the road it could mean potentially a LOT of $$$$$$$$ going into his/her bank account!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:How to increase traffic to your website for free









4 thoughts on “How To Increase Traffic To Your Website For Free

  1. Hey Jeff, thx for your interesting article. Traffic and especially targeted traffic is indeed one of the most important thing next to great content. Your tips are really very simple and effective. Do you have any experiences with traffic you payed for? If yes, can you recommend it in addition to following your steps?

  2. Hi Svenroad! Thank you for reading this article and issuing your thoughts. As to paid traffic experiences they all were quite bad in the past. Foolishly I got involved, before joining WA and learning NOT to do participate, with a few what turned out to be fraud traffic exchange programs and also paid traffic sites which turned out to be money flushed down the drain.

    I learned that many of those programs, besides not promising you targeted traffic, are really nothing but robots and not real people who read your articles which you end up paying for anyway. I also briefly tried pay-per-click campaigns which also proved to be a bust. Because of the nature of many people who go around as trolls clicking on pay-per-click ads seemingly for their own jollies but also have no intention of buying anything being promoted, (and costing the person who set up the campaign $$) it truly is something that I personally will never get involved with again.

    Thank you again for your thoughts which I truly appreciate!



  3. Thank you for the tips in your post.

    I get that keywords are important, but are they so much more important that making sure that the content on a page makes sense? Do you know what I mean?

    How do you find that perfect balance between using the right keywords that you need and making sure that you have good high-quality content?

  4. Hi, Marco!  Thank you for both reading this article and for your thoughts.  If you’re a member of WA, Marco, in the training you are taught about how to first research keywords, (preferably long-tail 4 – 5 words) that do not have a lot of competition coming from other websites but still would bring in a lot of traffic.  The re-direct link that I posted in this article to the Jaaxy keyword tool article that I previously wrote on this website provides further information. 

    Furthermore in the training, and something that I have mentioned in another previous article devoted on how to write quality content and the proper use of keywords.  That article was a bit long, but if you take the time to read this article, Marco I do discuss something called “keyword density”, and what you don’t want to do regarding including keywords within the body of an article.

    I hope that this helps you, Marco as you move forward in your online business, sir!  Thank you again for your comments on this article which I do sincerely appreciate!


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