How To Get Your Website Ranked On The First Page of Google!

 For everyone who runs an online business getting a website ranked on the first page of Google, (also Yahoo and Bing) is crucial to his/her success. How to get your website ranked on the first page of Google

The question would be how to go about doing it.  Are there tricks or some magic formula that a person would have to go about doing to achieve this status?

I hope to provide some guidance to you in this article.  More than anything else, truly there IS NO magic formula to it.

It just requires some techniques/strategies as well as putting in a COMMITMENT to constantly adding new content to a website that will lead to having your website eventually be listed very high on the search engines.

The steps needed towards getting your website highly ranked!

1). Understanding the importance of SEO and keywords.

In fact, I entitled a past article with part of the phrasing of those words mentioned above.  SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is the set of rules designed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to help website owners improve their rankings on the search engines.

I am sure that you are aware that every single second throughout the world daily someone, somewhere is conducting a search online to find something that he/she needs which would help improve that individual’s life.

The person may be looking for a replica jersey for his/her favorite futbol, (soccer) team.  He/she may be seeking a solution to have his/her dog stop barking, or the individual realizing that he/she has a drinking problem is searching online for the proper support coming from AA and is looking for a specific set of meetings to attend plus guidance from a professional counselor/therapist. How to get your website ranked on the first page of Google

20 – 30 years ago, it would have not been possible to use a personal computer or mobile device to conduct such a search.

Although there is a lot of negativity going on within the online world today – just check your usual forum/message board on the subject of politics; the positive aspects are that you can find that jersey, locate a solution to get “Gretchen” the Lab retriever to stop her annoying barking or finally get help online regarding a problem with alcoholism.

With all that in mind, understand that a business owner most of all wants visitors to become exposed to whatever product(s) are being promoted on a website.  This is done through having his/her site ranked highly on the major search engines.

Within this same article that I devoted to the importance of SEO, I also spent time discussing what the function of keywords are within the body of an article. Selected keywords, or keyword phrases are the foundation of every content article page/post.

If the business owner wants his/her website to eventually rank high on the search engines, (and I will address the word eventually below) then he/she must conduct research first surrounding keywords/keyword phrases.

The business owner wants to select keywords that attracts visitors to a website based on the research that he/she conducted in searches online.  As I stated above the visitor had been seeking to find that something important needed at that moment in his/her life.

What is also essential regarding the selection of keywords is that the business owner have as little competition as possible coming from other websites that would be promoting the same product(s).

There are many keyword research tools on the Internet.  However, one that I consider the best keyword research tool found anywhere would be one called Jaxxy.

This research tool provides all the vital information one would need, and in a simplistic manner to allow the business owner to be ahead of the competition in picking out high quality keywords for a content article.

2). Learn how to target your audience through a well-planned and organized website! How to get your website ranked on the first page of Google

I also discussed in the twice mentioned article so far one other thing:

The business owner must learn how to go after a targeted audience in what is posted on the website.

Based on the keywords and the content itself, the business owner needs to address the product(s) being promoted at the site to those individuals who would benefit the most from what is being offered.

If your site addresses help for people having issues with their dogs barking 18 hours a day, then first the keywords which are the foundation of every content article, and the articles themselves should be designed to provide a service to those specific visitors.

A person looking to find an authentic Manchester United futbol jersey, and who has conducted research is not going to find any usefulness from a website that deals in treating dogs who bark too much.  Does that make sense to you?

Your articles would need to be all designed to reach a targeted audience.  This would also be conducted through keyword research.

3). Constantly update new content articles on a website!

So once the business owner has gained the fundamental understanding of SEO and keywords, next comes the real grunt work.

The individual needs to constantly update his/her website with fresh articles.  I always find it interesting when coming across business owners who seemingly have problems reaching out to any audience.  Along with that their websites are ranked low by the search engines.

Often the business owner will state that he/she is only able to work part-time with the website.  He/she adds perhaps at most one or two news content articles per month posted on the site.

And then this same person wonders why his/her business has not taken off, very little $ is coming in from the few customers who do read the articles, and finally the website is ranked on something like page 20 on the search engines. How to get your website ranked on the first page of Google

The answer to this business owner’s problems is so obvious.  This person simply MUST constantly add fresh, new content articles, all created after performing keyword research to a website to allow it to be recognized and TRUSTED by the search engines.

Every day the search engines crawl through every website posted on the Internet. If these search engines discover that Jane Doe has not added any new content to her sewing website in the last month then guess what?

Jane’s website will never even smell the first page on any search engine known to mankind! Jane’s website with the infrequency that she posts new articles on her website would never gain trust coming from these search engines.

Does that make any sense to you?

Running an online business despite what might be mentioned in a lie by devious, scam programs is not something done as a lark.

Any person owning a website in which the aim is to bring in $$ profits needs to understand that ONLY through persistence, hard work, dedication, you name it will the business grow!

This very ideal is taught by what is my top recommendation for learning how to run a legit online business from home.

4). BE PATIENT!  Eventually your website will rank highly on the search engines!

If a business owner has just created a new website and begun posting a few articles on it, understand one thing.  It takes TIME for the search engines to trust that website.

A business owner will not be ranked on page one of Google, one day after the site has been created and the first content article posted.

Sorry, but it just does not work that way. How to get your website ranked on the first page of Google

Again, I mentioned in #3 above a few times the word TRUST!  Unfortunately, because there are easily hundreds of new websites that get posted for the first time daily worldwide, (and that number may be quite low) it will take time for them to become relevant and trusted by the search engines.

The business owner must have patience!  You don’t win a 26.2-mile marathon, (for that is really what running a successful online business is all about) within the first 10 minutes after the starter’s gun has gone off!

The absolute best thing that the business owner can do, he/she having accepted this fact is to really put in the effort regarding numbers 1, 2 and 3 above.

Do research on new keyword/keyword phrases that if inserted correctly into content articles target a specific audience.  Then if possible add fresh, new content 4 or 5 times per week to a website to help those visitors.

After a while if you learn to do everything well, then watch your website soar up the rankings conducted by the search engines.

I know that when I personally started this website, initially it was nowhere near the first page of the rankings done by Google, etc.

Instead as with what I learned again from what is my top recommendation in running an online business, this website slowly rose through the rankings.

Now all of my recent posts are ranked on page 1, or at worst page 2 as evidenced below in a screen shot I took on Feb. 14th, 2017 at the Google Webmaster Tools site and the name of this website:

How to get your website ranked on the first page of Google


Final Thoughts:

With all that in mind understand that the goal of having your website ranked on page one of Google is going to require hard work, understanding of how to benefit from knowledge regarding SEO and keyword research, plus just plain patience.  How to get your website ranked on the first page of Google

Most of all if you have a dogged determination on having your online business be a financial success, the rewards will eventually come!

If you want more information about what I have discussed twice above regarding what is my top recommendation, please read on:

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6 thoughts on “How To Get Your Website Ranked On The First Page of Google!

  1. Your article is a wake up call! Everyone is very enthousiastic at the beggining but after a month or two with no success people get disappointed and bored. That’s a crucial point and posts like this one help people keep going.
    You say we need to post 4-5 times per week. That is a lot of work indeed. How much should it take for a blogger/ writer to write a new post? I know it takes me many hours and i wonder if i am doing something wrong.
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Evita! Thank you for both reading the article and then providing me with your thoughts. I base my comment on the 4 – 5 times per week content articles being added through the training that I received here at Wealthy Affiliate. Realistically, adding 2 – 3 articles per week according to the co-founder of the company who created this training, Kyle simply is not enough.

    As to your question about the number of hours needed to write an article, Evita. I would need to know from you how length of your particular article by amount of words. Plus, depending on how well you know your niche, still research would need to be done based on finding relevant keywords for the article, plus any factual research you would put into it. Some articles involve more research then others.

    I try to have my articles average around 1,400 – 1,500 or so words. Some are longer, (especially if I am conducting a review of a company or product) others shorter.

    I can write a good article in about 2 hours, then add in the time to post it on my website, plus promoting it on a few social media site then you’re talking a good 3 and a half to 4 hours. I also comment on other WA members articles as you did for mine here. So that involves an additional time limit.

    Really it seems like you’re doing fine. Don’t worry about the hours as it’s more about posting high quality articles even if it takes a long time. People who claim that they can write an article in under an hour usually have results that are total garbage!

    Keep plugging away Evita and the results will eventually show! Thank you so much for taking the time to again share your thoughts on this article which I truly appreciate.



  3. This article of yours is a nice heads up for everyone who’s panicking that they will never rank in google when in reality, they’ve only started their website for like a month or two. It takes time for the search engine to trust you and also let it mature when you already have the articles in place. It’s okay to be enthusiastic in the start because you just made a new website but now comes the hard part of studying your craft and knowing what to work on next in order to get those visitors.

    I have a question though, do we really have to make it 4-5 articles per week? What if I have a limited budget and can’t simply pay my writer for that much articles. Will 2 a week be enough but worth 1.5k words?

    Want to hear your thoughts on this

  4. Jeff! Thank you so much for the detailed reply. I guess as everything in life, it needs some practise in order to write good quality posts in less time. It seems that this 4-5 times – 1500 words “formula” works for whoever has the patience and time to do it so i will try to follow it!

  5. Hi Nico, Thank you for reading the article and sharing your thoughts. Addressing your question, I work at my business full time. I do not hire anyone to do any content writing for me, believing anything a person would write simply would not suit my needs. That or I’d end up spending so much additional time editing whatever the person had written for me to the point where it would read the way I wanted it to.

    I made that 4 – 5 article/week recommendation based on the training that I received here at Wealthy Affiliate as addressed by Kyle himself the co-founder. He believes that starting out writing only a few articles per week just severely delays the process of getting a brand new site both recognized and trusted by the search engines.

    Everyone has their own schedules as to how much time they would put into their businesses. We all do what we can. As I said I just dug in with my business and put my all into it by working on it full-time from the very beginning. Kyle did say in a few other articles that he posted for WA members to see that it just takes a person being dedicated if he/she wants to grow an online business and eventually reap the financial benefits.

    Below is a link to one such article that Kyle penned last fall in which he addressed what one could expect as far as realizing financial gain through a business. Doing it only a handful of days per week? Well, in Kyle’s opinion and as long as he’s been in it well over a decade now he would know what he is talking about; the process of growing the business financially will just take all the much longer.….

    I do wish you the best Nico in your business. I hope that I answered your question sir and do appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts about this article!



  6. Thank you Evita for the follow-up! I had another person ask me the same thing. I shared with him an article that Kyle the co-founder wrote last year to all members. Kyle was stating that if you put in several hours per week writing a few articles and that’s it, well in his opinion you won’t reap the financial benefits versus a person who digs in writing 4 – 5 articles per week. Kyle stated that it’s all a matter of commitment. If a person wants to earn $$ in his/her business and looks at it from the point of view as working at a real “job”, then the effort would need to be put in. As Kyle has been in this industry for over 15 years now and has in fact become highly successfully, (including creating WA along with Carson) I can only say that the man knows what he is talking about.

    Here is the article in case you’re interested Evita:
    Thank you again Evita for sharing your thoughts and I, of course wish you the absolute best with your online business!!!


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