How To Get Over A Fear Of Failure

Running An Online Business To Achieve Success!How to get over a fear of failure

Running a profitable online business is extremely difficult and at times frustrating.  I, personally have gone through periods where I have become aggravated, realizing that my online business is not where I have dreamed it would be – regarding $$$!

Statistically it is a fact within the industry that around 90% of people who start up an online business end up quitting in failure.

In this article, I want to address the concept of how to get over a fear of failure.  Turning that word “failure” around to success: Sometimes it has to do with attitude and having supreme confidence in one’s self that will allow the individual to achieve the latter, (success) as opposed to suffering from the former – failure!

What a person must do in order to become a success in life; and not be overcome with the possibilities of never-ending failure:

If am sure that most of you are aware of the following statement, but nevertheless here it is:

Truly, life is not built to be easy for 99.9% of us as human beings!

If one seeks to make something positive out of his/her life, one has to be able to look within his/her own self and what he/she wants to achieve while on this Earth.

Also, whatever it is that a person seeks to achieve within a life and in whatever profession he/she chooses; it usually involves goal setting. how to get over a fear of failure

Looking at it strictly as the pursuit of running an online business, goal setting is great at helping you to organize yourself.  In a past article that I wrote on this site however, I did state the idea that in properly setting goals you would want to establish ones that could be realistically achieved.

Regarding an online business, realistic goals could be:

Monetary income earned within a specific time period, (suggestion: make that figure low).

How much time you would spend daily in the business.

What you would want to achieve in building your brand online – # of websites, different ways to promote your business, etc.

Building a presence on social media.

Interacting with others who have a similar business in the product that would be marketed.

Having the proper attitude- an antidote to the fear of failure!

There still would be one other thing, I believe. It is extremely crucial towards the success of anyone seeking to build a profitable business.

Attitude!  And having a POSITIVE one! how to get over a fear of failure

We are all human beings.  Unfortunately we can also be quite sensitive.  Too often when things don’t come our way, we begin to question ourselves! Sometimes when this questioning becomes something deeper, it leads to a lot of negative feelings that we have towards ourselves.

Remember when I said above that life is not easy for 99.9% of us?  It is especially true with running an online business.

You MUST have a positive attitude about not only life in general, but also with the online business that you own.

Life is not easy, making a lot of money in an online business is not easy either.  Remaining positive however is essential:  Not only as to how you feel about yourself in general. But also how you would come to view your online business over the long term!

Running a successful online business more than anything else is also an investment in TIME!

One of the reasons why I loathe so many of these fraud, get-rich-quick schemes that could still easily be found on the Internet is that they work on one of the flaws inherent in human beings.

Face it – we all can be greedy at times.  Greed is considered one of the 7 deadly sins of mankind! Actually it’s #3 on the list after “lust” and “gluttony”.

Many of us want the best things in life.  Often this involves $$$.  Get-rich-quick schemes operate on the basal needs of human beings to greedily achievehow to get over a fear of failure something with very little effort involved on their parts.

It’s the same silly reason as to why so many people fork over hundreds of dollars weekly in lottery jackpots where the odds of winning are as high as one in 293 million, (the twice weekly U.S. Powerball lottery held every Wed and Sat).

These people often can’t afford throwing money into these lotteries, coming from their often meager personal budgets. But still they buy all into the folly of unexpectedly becoming super rich!   And with almost no effort!

Many people, (a bit delusional) also want to be handed a simple plan to earn money in an online business opportunity so that they can achieve financial freedom for the rest of our lives.

So in reading of the latest “can’t miss” online opportunity created by John R. Schmuck that would only require people to have a computer, Internet connection and willingness to just “follow the proven plan”; many go all in.

Usually forking over initial “join” fees through credit cards – “X” amount of money, (always ending in .99 cents); so many people believe that they have been handed an online business that dropped out of the sky unexpectedly.

And then months later, realizing that making that first million dollars or two within 4 months is not going to happen, these people kick themselves after recklessly having wasted money and time in such an asinine business opportunity.

All along there was no way they would have come out with profits in this doomed venture.  Why?  Get-rich-quick schemes don’t work!!

Any legit online business undertaking is going to involve a considerable investment in time and effort on the part of the person running it!

Please understand the concept that success in an online business would definitely involve getting into the right opportunity.  This would be half the battle.

From there it would also be about having a positive attitude, committing yourself completely to the business and establishing realistic goals. how to get over a fear of failure

By the way in case you have not caught on yet when I talk about realistic goals:  Anyone believing that he/she will be raking in a steady mid-6 figure income/month less than a year after creating his/her online business is absolutely foolish!!

That’s not a realistic goal to set for one’s self in a business!

Don’t have the same mindset as those people who go all in with the bogus get-rich-quick schemes that essentially promise you the same thing:  Lots of money and before you know it!

It’s all a LIE!!

So, how to overcome the fear of failure in running an online business:

1). Get involved in the right opportunity – one that has been proven beyond question to be 100% legit.  More than anything else in order to find this opportunity it would require research performed by YOU!

2). Establish realistic goals for yourself in this business.  Then regarding the specific goals regarding time that you’re willing to spend on the business – follow through and DO IT!

3). Get to know other like-minded individuals who might be in your specific niche regarding marketing a product.  Exchange ideas.  Work together to get the best out of each other.

Do not view the other individual(s) as being the opponent that you would want to defeat as if it was game #7 of the NBA finals. It’s not all about competition but being unselfish and having the ideal about cooperation that would bring the best out of to get over a fear of failure

4). Maintain a positive attitude!  Constantly tell yourself that you, as a person, are meant to be a success.  Do not accept defeat easily.  If you don’t make a sale over a day, several days or a week, understand that there is always still tomorrow.

If you get to know a person well, (#3 above) prop him/her up if a bit of negativity has set in to his/her being.  Hopefully in building up such a level of support for each other, the person would do likewise for you.

Final thoughts:

Through all of this it still is a fact:  Not everyone who starts an online business will succeed, unfortunately.  Hopefully drawing in on the concepts discussed in this article, meant to discuss how to get over a fear of failure with running a business, you will be that person who eventually will succeed!

So What Is A Legit Online Business Opportunity?

I stressed above in this article that half of the battle involving a person creating a successful online business for him/herself would be the need to find the right opportunity in the first place.

I know of one that would be great for the “newbie” going into such an opportunity with no experience at running an online business whatsoever.  Yet this person seeks to eventually build a successful and highly profitable business for him/herself.  Where is the best opportunity that can be found online?

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Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family.

Thank you for reading this article! If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:



4 thoughts on “How To Get Over A Fear Of Failure

  1. Fear of failure is a massive roadblock in my life. I had a monumental failure where I lost nearly everything I owned. This left me at rock bottom and I thought I had nothing more to fear, but as I build my life again I find the fear of losing it all again is starting come back to me.
    Your steps to overcome fear are simple, logical was to achieve this. I will be trying these to see how it goes.
    Thank you for sharing. Cheers Kev

  2. You are right! This article help me so much it’s very movational. Personally, I have a fear in my life, the fear about the things in my life continue the same forever, that really scared me and there is where I have brave to continue following my dreams, I can say that everyone should have this feeling because it can push you to achieve your dreams. Great content, thanks so much.

  3. Hi Alfred! Thank you so much for both reading the article and issuing your sincere, personals thoughts. I understand what you have gone through in your life. I’ve been at that low point as well. You just have to keep at it, never give up and as you stated keep pushing yourself to achieve your dreams. I’m so happy that you found this article to be so useful for you as motivation! Stick with it Alfred! You’ll get to where you want to be, sir!



  4. Hi Kevin! Thank you so much for both reading the article and also sharing your very personal thoughts. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to go through negativity in your life. I’ve been there. Part of my reason for writing this article was also for my own benefit. As I said early in the article, first paragraph, I’m no where were I truly want to be with my online business and things have become stagnated after several months of success earlier this year.

    What I understand is that I have to keep pushing through. Life is not meant to be easy and to achieve your goals is to require a lot of effort on your part.

    I’m glad my article was of benefit to you, apparently as you indicated with some of the steps that I included near the end. I sincerely wish you the best of luck as you strive to achieve your life goals Kevin – whether it be in an online business or something else.

    Again thank you for taking the time to read the article and also issuing your sincere thoughts, Kevin! Keep the faith, sir!!



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