How to find the best keywords for your website

The lifeblood for any successful online website includes well written content.  The content, or articles contained in the website help to promote the product(s) Jaaxy keyword toolthat are its backbone.  The use of keywords is crucial for rankings of this content on Google, Yahoo and Bing.  In order to understand this I will try to answer the question on how to find the best keywords for your website.

A walkthrough on how to do research on finding keywords:

As I indicated in a previous article posted I use a tool called Jaaxy to help in my keyword research for content articles not only for this website, but in my other niche site having to do with the sport of bicycling.

In order to best demonstrate I am going to take a recent article that I posted on my bicycling website.  In the content of this article, I was educating readers on the importance of having a properly fitted bicycle to use while engaging in exercise within the sport.

The aim in what I am going to try and teach readers in finding the best keywords for a website is to show you exactly how I came about in researching keywords for this article – my intent being to make them aware of using the correct bicycle, fitted properly to them for use while exercising.  Here are the steps that I used to come up with keywords for that bicycle article:

Step 1: Using Jaaxy entering in keyword phrases:

Below I have posted an image of two phrases that I decided to use.  The first keyword phrase was:
“Proper fit on a bicycle”

jaaxy keyword tool result

Step #2: After analysis, understanding what the return results indicate for that keyword:

Using the educational training that I have learned through being a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I noticed that two returns, (on the very top) would have been appropriate to use as keywords for this article.  The very keyword that I entered posted a result that I would have been looking for.

We are taught to seek that the QSR indicator (or quoted search results) through our Wealthy Affiliate training be less than a value of 300.  The QSR indicator reveals the number of competing websites ranked in Google that would have that exact keyword.  The QSR indicator for “Proper fit on a bicycle” is 11.  Thus only 11 competing websites are ranked on Google for that exact keyword.  Awesome!

In addition the SEO (search engine optimization) number which is a score based on the ranking for the keyword and competition is at 98, (out of 100).  It would be very hard to top that, so again this number would indicate that it would be a great keyword to form the basis of the bicycle article.  I would get on average 48 people entering in that term monthly on Google, Yahoo or Bing.  That is perfectly acceptable as you would be getting traffic.

Step #3: Saving the useful keywords onto Jaaxy.

For future reference so that I would not have to copy down a number of keywords to paper, Jaaxy makes it very easy to save useful keywords.  On the far left side next to the keyword, one would just check the box and then hit “save”.  You would be prompted to either create a new list, or add the keywords to a previously saved list.  It all is quite simple to do.

Step #4: Coming up with additional keywords as needed:

Also based on the column on the far right side of the page, “Brainstorming” it created more suggestions for keywords.   The second one down from the top “Fitting yourself properly on a bicycle” seemed to relate well as a choice.  So, I was to enter in that keyword to search for results on Jaaxy.  Here are those results:

Jaaxy keyword research results




The results, seen on top with the first two returns were nice.  However I decided to stick with the original keyword phrase that I entered which yielded an excellent result: “proper fit on a bicycle”.

Here are some useful tips, again taught to members through the training offered at Wealthy Affiliate:

1). Google does not like it when you stuff a whole bunch of keywords into the content of an article.  In fact you would be punished as you would receive a lower ranking for that content article.  You should use really only one keyword for a content article.

If you have the “All-in-one SEO” package installed on your website, when drafting the content you have the opportunity to indicate the keyword for each article specifically before you actually publish the article.

2). In drafting the content you should only use the keyword phrase 2, but no more than 3 times within the body of the article.  You would definitely want to post Jaaxy keyword research toolthe keyword within the first paragraph, (3 – 4 sentences) as you draft the content.  You can either post it a second time in the middle, or as I often do towards the end of the article.

You would never want to have the keyword phrase mentioned 4, 5 or more times within the body of the content article.   Google will take a dim view when the search engines crawl through the article, after you have published it and punish you with a lower ranking.

Final thoughts:

Basically that would be it.  The most important thing to have as a website owner in this matter would be a reliable and highly efficient keyword research tool. Jaaxy would be such a tool.  Keyword research is a crucial element towards building great content articles within the niche that your website would be promoting products.  It does take time performing the keyword research, something that you would not want to omit if your goal would be to eventually build a successful income earning business.

So, in learning how to find the best keywords for your website, invest in a great keyword research tool first!

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