How To Earn Money With An Online Business

For you to earn money with an online business truly you need to set yourself apart from others.  Face it, those of us who have businesses online all seek to get Earn money with an online businessvisitors to our websites.

Those visitors may look at similar products being promoted in two competing business websites and because of something that one of them did, make the choice in purchasing from that owner.

The other person who lost out?  Better luck next time!  Or, he/she could choose to do something about it by making the business more visible in the future, thus attracting more customers.

Trying to earn more money in a business – it could be something that the website owner is NOT doing!

I recently found a great article online.  The author of the article stated in his belief the following:

The reason why some owners have not yet developed a financially thriving online business is because they fail to implement within their strategic planning one or more of four different ideals.

I personally agree with every one of what this person feels would be crucial to the success of building a successful online business.  However, I do have slight reservations about one specific ideal.

Looking at the notion of social marketing it cannot be argued that it is of prime importance today when it comes to having visibility on these platforms.

Still because there is a lot of negativity when it comes to certain social media, I feel that one needs to exercise extreme caution when promoting his/her website on a Facebook or Twitter as example.

I do agree however that by not implementing those four ideals that will be discussed below, considered crucial by the article author; then earning money running a business online will be made that much harder for the owner to achieve.

If you are truly interested in learning how to run a legit business from home I also make mention of my top recommendation now at this time.  You WILL learn through great training and advice how to build slowly a type of business that would be profitable.

The 4 ideals one should emphasize strategically with an online business:

1). Invest in online visibility:

The author states that to build a profitable online business, the owner needs to create visibility for his/her website and be seen by a percentage of the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who are on the Internet conducting searches daily.

I believe that this means knowing how to be SEO friendly.  I have previously written an article that is an explanation of SEO.

Writing highly relevant content articles consistently is the lifeblood of any website.  The business owner must educate him/herself on the concept of keywords, where to include them in articles and how many times, competition online regarding keywords, writing bold, intriguing headlines to attract visitors to read articles, etc. Earn money with an online business

This all takes educational training and nowadays can be achieved through legitimate online membership sites such as the one I will promote below, Wealthy Affiliate.

The “investment” would be the money a business owner puts into becoming a member of a legit online educational/training program that would eventually allow his/her business to grow and become profitable.

Knowledge is power!

If that individual has not acquired knowledge in understanding how to write high quality and relevant content material on the website it would be a tragic circumstance.

That person would have little or no visibility online.  This would be because the website would not be judged as being SEO-friendly by Google, Yahoo and Bing. The article content would be considered garbage.  The website would not be ranked highly.

No visitors would know about the website and even if a small handful of them do come across a few articles, they would judge them as not being worthy of their time in reading them. Trust me this would negatively effect a business owner’s ability to earn money.

All due to the person not investing in the business – through acquired education and training!

2). The information on your website must be secure!

Hackers are online every second, somewhere, worldwide during a day’s 24-hour cycle.  It would be imperative that you employ safeguards to protect your information, and those of your readers who might be making purchases at your website.

I have previously devoted a few articles on business website security.

One of the upgrades that occurred with the company, Wealthy Affiliate to which I am a member and who hosts this website that you are now on was the following:

Very recently the company switched over its security protocols to SSL layer security:  http:// to https:// regarding member hosted websites.

If you look at the top address of my website, notice that the address begins with the https:// prefix and to the left of that a green-colored lock symbol.

That is the highest level of security that one could have in owning an online website.

I remember 6 years ago, I briefly belonged to an educational training program, (not Wealthy Affiliate).  The individual running it was honorable in his intentions.  He trained people on how to write persuasive article content regarding an online business, plus he provided educational tools in several areas designed to help a member have a profitable website. Earn money with an online business

Here was his mistake as he did charge his members a very fair membership fee each month:

Suddenly without warning, his own website that collected everyone’s credit card/PayPal info for the monthly membership fees got hacked by intruders.

I was notified that something suspicious had happened by my bank that carried the credit card.  The guy who owned the business put out a notice to his members meant to indicate what had happened.  However it was too late!

The bank noticed a bunch of phony looking charges on my account, taking place within a several hour period which appeared out of nowhere on the credit card.  The bank was gracious enough to waive off those charges through a process that I had to undertake.

Let me tell you that apology or not, I immediately left as a member of this guy’s business, even though it could be proven that he was not the one who did the hacking.  He was just careless with the security of his own website, something to be considered inexcusable considering the amount of money being exchanged coming from his members.

To my understanding in addition to myself, practically every member at this guy’s site immediately left him in droves as well!  The facts were that no one could any longer trust this guy all because of his sloppiness in running his business.

3). A business owner fails to stick with what works – instead getting distracted by trying foolish and unnecessary marketing strategies!

You know the old saying, am I right?  “If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it”!!  Businesses owners that are moderately successful often get sucked into the allure of trying out that “shiny, new object” in the misguided attempts at earning more money.

The owner wastes valuable time trying several marketing strategies, usually unproven that end up being a colossal failure.  Plus, as the final kick in the teeth, the owner also ended up throwing away money unnecessarily in these failed schemes. Earn money with an online business

Get-rich-quick schemes that pollute the Internet still exist due to one of the fatal flaws inherent in all human beings:  Greed!  People who have money, want more money.  People who are poor, want money! Everyone wants money any way they can get their hands on it!

Too often with the allure of $$$ signs being waved in front of our eyes suddenly we act stupid.  Without thinking we go for the latest shiny “gizmo”/scam money making venture being promoted by an oily, con artist.

99.9% of the time we all get burned in the end!

If you as a business owner are finding success financially with marketing strategies that work, yet want to increase your income then do the following:

Increase your efforts into the strategy that IS working.  If you’re writing 3 new and highly relevant content articles per week being added to your website and making money because they are so popular with visitors, increase the total to 4 or 5 new articles per week!

Do not go out and get involved with a fraud opportunity you might see online that promises to send you in an additional 10,000 visitors per week, at $24.99/month promoted by a phony traffic-marketing scam.

It would not be worth even one penny as likely that “traffic” would be nothing but fake “bots”, (not real human beings) created by that scam business and it could end up hurting your website’s SEO standing.

Your website was working fine with what you were doing.  Why did you try and “fix it”??

4). Maximizing social media in your marketing campaigns:  

Without question, social media in their various platforms are crucial to getting a website business visible to the online public.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, etc. are but some of the popular social media platforms that online business owners use in their marketing campaigns.

A word of caution however:

As is the case in #2, website security; you had better believe that the miscreants of our society have their presence on social media as well.

ISIS, the terrorist organization has been able to recruit people successfully on Twitter, through the promotion of their demented ideals in 140 characters or less which reached the most naïve and misguided of individuals in our society.

This is all due to the “freedom of speech” ideology inherent across most of the world, and definitely on social media.

Also, there is no one truly policing social media as vigilantly as necessary to rid the world of those type of dangerous people who lurk online.

Not to that level of depth of criminality above concerning ISIS; there are also online hackers who know of devious ways to get into, for example, the Facebook account of an individual.  This naïve person somehow was too trusting and, putting it bluntly, quite sloppy with his/her information posted out to anyone on that social media platform. Earn money with an online business

The person also had his/her account set to “public” thereby inviting everyone and their cousins to view whatever was posted on the Facebook account.  Please read more of my thoughts on Facebook scams posted last year on this site in an article.

As stated in the article based on research that I did when writing it; the fact that 600,000 Facebook accounts across the world are hacked DAILY by professional scammers should give you a bit of a pause.

If it does not, then I truly question how you could be so trusting within your own being of other people – truly complete strangers if you think about it!

If you want to put money into posting Facebook ads to market your business, please be careful!  Promote to only a carefully targeted group of people relevant to your business needs.

Get to thoroughly know any person who takes an interest in what you are promoting, check the individual out from head to toe.

Otherwise you will be getting yourself into a lot of grief, with your efforts focused on cleaning up the mess created by a hacker on your Facebook account where it should have been on your actual business!

I hope that this article has been of benefit to you regarding how to earn money with an online business.  If you are interested in the great online/educational program Wealthy Affiliate that I briefly discussed above, please read on:

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  1. This is really great information. And the 4 things you have listed, they really must be done or paid attention to in order for your website to thrive. I think the online visibility and social presence are two things that a lot of people do not do. I use Wealthy Affiliate, and now I see this is a good thing for security too. This is really informative and you provided a lot of information.

  2. I’m also a member at wealthy affiliate and am enjoying their training so far. I completely agree that having content and being consistent is an important thing to focus on with our websites.

    One thing I definitely want to work on most is learning more about SEO and becoming a better writer for my site.

    Thanks for the tips

  3. Hi Jeff! Thank you for both reading the article and also issuing your great thoughts. I’m glad that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate as you stated in your comments. It’s great training, isn’t it? You also have all the tools and community support that you’ll need. Keep up with the training and along the way there is a lot of discussion on SEO as part of the course created by Kyle the co-founder of WA.

    I also wish you the best of everything Jeff in your online business here at WA! Again I really appreciate your comments, sir!



  4. Hi Leahrae,

    Thank you so much for reading my article and then issuing your wonderful thoughts. I’m glad that you got a lot from the article. The 4 issues that you discussed, the focal point of the article indeed are crucial to the success of a person running an online business. As you also stated WA provides the greatest level of security with their recent upgrade to allow members to have SSL security to their websites if so chosen. Even the training to help understand how to do this procedure at least I found quite easy to do myself.

    Again thank you so much for visiting my site and this article Leahrae. I wish you continued success with your travel website, reading so many informative and well-written articles posted in so many of your articles.

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