How To Be Successful In An Online Business

3 Important Factors how to be successful in an online business

Many people new to this venture want to be provided an answer to the following thought:  How to be successful in an online business.

Yes it goes without saying that one thought regarding the achievement of “success” would include the online business being very profitable ($$).

Secondly I believe that just as important as a stream of incoming profits would be in qualifying the venture as being a “success”; it would be also be how others, (customers and even other business owners)  positively view that person who owns the particular online business.

So for the brand new business owner trying to establish his/her place online what would it take to achieve success?

3 important factors would be a requirement from the beginning to help the “newbie” in his/her quest to run an online business that would both reap financial benefits and also eventually become well-known positively to others in today’s Internet driven world.

#1 – To start out you must know what would drive you towards success – Having a passion or keen interest to market a specific product(s)!

Let me come out and be totally honest with you.   Running an online business in today’s world is not easy.  Yes it is a fact that at any one time hundreds of millions of people worldwide are on the Internet.  Many might be conducting searches for a product or help with a problem that they are having in their lives.

However understand that you would be that one tiny little fish in a huge ocean that contains other millions of other sea-life.  Tens of thousands of people, (perhaps an even larger number) every, single year start out new with the goal of running an online business.  What would make you different from any one of them?

I previously wrote an article on this site which focused on a fictitious, young single mom in her early 20’s who had issues, (mainly money) but the largest one being that she hated her minimum wage job that had zero chance for her to advance upwards.  She wanted to make a better life for both herself and her two young children. She had come to the sad conclusion that making $10/hour well into her future would simply not cut it.

So, if you are like her and want to start running an online business you must look deep inside yourself and ask some questions.

Why would you really want to do this?  If you can answer that truthfully, (after much self-analysis) then the next would be: What is that you will be selling in my business online?  What will be the product(s) that you will market out to others?

How to be successful in an online business

Have you always had a deep desire, an interest and a passion for something in particular?   If you’re that single mom and you’ve always loved knitting baby clothes, would that be your passion?

Do you believe that you could market in this niche in such a way that you would be providing a great deal of help/solution to/advice for those people who are online daily conducting searches for baby clothes?

I could literally name at least a hundred other different niches, or areas of interest that has led to successful online business owners marketing their products in such a manner that it solves that need in the lives of complete strangers online.

Yes, that is the wonderful thing about the Internet.  Probably 99.5% of the time you would be providing a solution in the lives of people searching for help in whatever niche you choose to pursue who personally do not know you at all!

Billions of people are on the Internet worldwide and you might be solving a need in the life of a person who lives 5,000 or more miles away from you.

The crucial thing that you also must consider is also in the manner in which you present yourself to those potential customers.  You have to do it positively and gain their trust. This simply cannot be overstated.  There is a lot of negativity and with that business opportunities presented by con artists and scammers who still are very much a presence on the Internet.  Daily thousands of people worldwide get tricked into giving money for opportunities or products that turn out to be fraudulent.

You can’t be like that!    You must represent yourself as an honest, trustworthy and legitimate individual who has at heart the best interests of the potential customers in mind – ahead of the need to make money foremost in your business.

So I can tell you that personally the niche that got me started in my online business venture was bicycling.  This includes staying as fit as possible through the sport as well as healthy eating.

What would be yours?  Answer that truthfully and it would be step #1 on your course towards success as an online business owner.

#2 – Get the coaching and training needed to become an eventual success! How to be successful in an online business

Face it you’d be a newbie.  Going into this venture, you would probably know little or nothing at all about running an online business properly – and in a manner that would enable you to eventually succeed.

Even if you majored in business marketing while in college, there still is so much to learn about running a business online.  The Internet especially having to do with marketing a business in that manner is constantly evolving.  What worked back a decade ago in 2006 will most likely not work today.

Take advantage of the opportunity to either be coached or else get involved with a legit training program that would teach you the ropes involved with internet marketing.  I will promote my #1 recommendation below.  This program will teach you how to run an online business properly.

I have also written reviews so far at this site about several other programs – Avon and Affilorama which also have a lot to offer.

What I want you to avoid at all costs are the online programs that promise you wealth immediately after starting your business.  Please, please understand folks.  They would be all complete, 100% scams!   These programs prey on the greed that exists within so many of us.

Those “get-rich-quick” programs sell their bull to naïve people daily across the world who believe, immaturely, that money can be had – and easily, on the Internet.  Yes, I admit now that I foolishly believed in all of this junk in the past.  “Make millions and achieve financial freedom just by following our proven system”!

And I could slap myself silly for literally throwing away money in these scams that got me nothing in return!

The most legitimate training you would receive from any company would tell you the same thing:  You would not become rich immediately by pursuing this venture.  Life just does not work that way.  This immediately leads me to the next factor:

#3 – You will have to work your business! How to be successful in an online business

Let me tell you thing in case you have not thought about it yet.  Having an online business of your own means that you would be no longer working for someone else.

Face it have you been in a job where there was this boss who you loathed?  He/she never respected you, only viewing you as nothing but a number among many other “numbers”, (employees).  In fact half of the time he/she could not even remember your name. Nothing you did satisfied this very ungrateful son of a . . .

Well guess what?  Running your own business would mean YOU are your own boss.  This sounds nice at first but understand one other thing.  No one would be in charge of you, but you! And that could be a problem unless you take your business and yourself seriously!

I said above that working an online business will be hard!  You have to be dedicated and disciplined.  You basically would always have to push yourself.  No slacking, no taking off days because you wake up one morning and  just don’t feel like doing anything related to your business.

At first realize one thing:  Until you get recognized online as being a trustworthy and legitimate source who has products that are very beneficial to your subset of visitors, it will be slow going at first.  You might be tempted to give up when you don’t see immediate results.  My advice:

Please don’t give up EASILY! how to be successful in an online business

Instead in order for you to begin to achieve success I urge you to strongly set up your own work schedule daily.  Block in a consistent amount of time – 4 to 6 hours which would be specifically devoted to your business.  It could be 11 am until 5 pm, as example, but I urge you to do it in this manner. When going through a training program initially, one designed to “teach you the ropes”, devote this same block of time to your education.

Work your online business consistently!  Do not expect to devote 1 or 2 days per week, a few hours each day in your business and expect it to get anywhere.  Sorry, but it will not happen.  Back at your old job would this lack of effort had marked you as being a productive employee?  Right, I did not think so.  You would have been fired instead.

Treat your business with a great deal of seriousness and over time you will be able to gradually build it to one that would be considered successful.

So these 3 factors studied in this article would address the idea of how to be successful in an online business.

You CAN do it if you put your heart and desire into it!

So, What Is That Specific Program That I Mentioned That Would Be A Great Way In Which To Learn How To Start An Online Business?

The program is called Wealthy Affiliate.  It was founded back in 2005.  Through the years it has provided educational training, tools and the support of tens of thousands of people who have been members of this company.  All had the goal in mind to run online businesses on their own.  If you want to learn how to build for yourself an online business, this would be the place to go! money making opportunities for seniors

Wealthy Affiliate would be FREE for you to join, and it is 100% legit.  Click Here As It Is My #1 Recommendation On The Internet if you are looking to start your own business from home.  Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family.

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10 thoughts on “How To Be Successful In An Online Business

  1. Great read for anyone looking to make money from home! Motives and drives are really what makes or breaks a company in start up, the owner needs to be patient and motivated or else things will easily flop. Thank you for the educational read I sure took a lot away from it

  2. This a great site letting newbies how to go about looking into online business and knowing what to look for and what to stay away from. Also when it comes to starting a business online it is just like any other business you have to start having the mindset of a business owner.

    This is a very informative site keep up the great work 🙂

  3. Your article was not only thought provoking and well written, but I appreciated the honesty inherent in your message. There are a lot of online marketing and income programs that make unrealistic promises. I’ve learned to avoid those claims that state you will make “$5000 in 7 days”. Truth is starting an online business is hard work, it doesn’t happen overnight, but it is greatly rewarding. Your tips for success was spot on, and I too have found that Wealthy Affiliate provides an equally as honest foundation for success. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and best of luck to you.

  4. Ciandress I so appreciate the fact that you both read this article and then afterwards shared your outstanding thoughts. It truly is sad how, still so many people fall for those get-rich-quick online business opportunities scams that still pollute the Internet. As I stated in the article the reason why these frauds still exist is based on humans being inherently greedy – wanting something regarding money quickly. Everything that you said about building a legit online opportunity was 100% correct, Ciandress. I wish you the best of luck in your business with Wealthy Affiliate and I so appreciate what you said about my business.

    Again thank you so much for your excellent thoughts! Please visit my site again whenever you have time!



  5. Hi Mame! Thank you so much for both reading the article and then afterwards sharing your very concise thoughts. It’s true what you said about having the proper mindset as an online business owner. You have to be highly dedicated and work your business in order to benefit the eventual fruits of success. There is no other way!

    Again thank you very much for your thoughts!



  6. Hi Blake! I want to thank you for both reading this article and then afterwards sharing your excellent thoughts. What you said about having a desire and motivation as being the driving forces behind a person who runs an online business are so true. It also take hard work and, as you also stated the need for patience as positive things don’t happen overnight – unlike those false promises put out by fraud get-rich-quick schemes.

    I’m glad that you were able to take so much away from this article Blake and I wish you nothing but the best of success in your online business ventures, sir!



  7. Encouraging! Definitely looking to make a profit, and I’m willing to work at it. I’m in it for the long run. I want to eventually replace my day job–which ironically I enjoy, but I would rather only go three days a week. I would like to spend more time with my children.

  8. HI Gail! Thank you for also visiting this website, (I noticed that you left a nice comment on one of my bicycling website articles). I also very much appreciate your thoughts. Indeed if you’re interested in eventually getting involved with running an online business from home, Gail I would encourage you to consider the Wealthy Affiliate program that I discussed in the bottom part of the article – My #1 recommendation. Without question WA has the best training, tools (2 free websites at the Free member option) and community support of any other such company on the Internet.

    Let me again leave the link to my landing page in case you want to read all of the info that I presented about this opportunity. It is here Gail:….

    If after reading it you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me as I will try and provide all of the answers that you’d need to come to a decision for yourself. Yes, I do agree with you that it would be awesome for you to get a chance to spend more time with your children at home, plus run a profitable online business for yourself at the same time! I know that so many women who are affiliated with WA all joined for the very same reason – the chance to be at home more often with their young children instead of having to ship them off daily to an expensive daycare facility while working at a job for a “boss”!

    Thank you again for your thoughts Gail. Please stop by my site again!


  9. I found that building an online business is actually a pretty strong exercise in personal development. You need to grab valuable life lessons from my entrepreneurial efforts and hold them close to your chest – use them as resistance to bounce off if you will! Great artilce – brings back memories

  10. Hi Chris! Thank you for both reading the article and also issuing your thoughts, sir! I agree that building an online business indeed does also require personal development that the person would have to go through. What interested me was your comment about the life lessons that you’ve been through. I’d like to know more about whatever you promote on your website business Chris to allow me to get a better handle on what you’ve been able to accomplish.

    Thank you again for reading the article, Chris! As always your thoughts are much appreciated!



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