How To Be Civil To Others

And What Does This Have To Do With Running An Online Business? How to be civil to others

I am prompted to write this blog post, how to be civil to others based on an interesting article that I recently read.  In my opinion it has to do with everything regarding a person running a potentially successful online business.

I am an alumnus of the University of Connecticut.  In the most recent magazine mailed out to all alumni of the school, (Spring 2017) a front cover article called “Saving Civility”;  I found it to be a very fascinating read!

Why people seem to disrespect one another in today’s world!

The author of the article, Dr. Michael Lynch, philosophy professor and director of the Humanities Institute at the University said it all:

If you look at the history of human beings on this Earth from the very beginning, there have been numerous philosophical differences related to religious and political beliefs.  Which in the past, have led to wars going back to the time of the Old Testament in the Bible.

Human beings, distinct from any other living things put on this Planet have the capabilities to speak through words and deed.  Try as they might, any other form of animals in the world cannot come to verbally disagree over a difference of religious, moral, philosophical or political beliefs.

A border collie cannot verbally disagree with a German Shepherd dog about the differences between Jewish faith versus Christianity; or how Donald Trump is helpful or harmful in his new role as President of the United States.

The problem is that human beings CAN have these arguments verbally.

According to Lynch, what has exacerbated to the level of what he describes as a “lack of civility towards others” is that in our arrogance, most people cannot have rationale disagreements with each other without also including the need to verbalize hurtful often disgusting thoughts.

By rationale Lynch means the ability to take the time to LISTEN to what a person might philosophically believe about a subject such as Muslims living in the United States, and then respect his/her opinion.

In having the total inability to accept the fact that a person might have a difference of opinion compared to someone else’s, it leads quite often to disrespectful thoughts, which turn into words, which come out of the individual’s mouth that are truly insulting!

Lynch states that today human beings lack the ability to be humble!

The dark side of the Internet! How to be civil to others

You know what? Visiting any message board or forum on any one of an untold number of topics on the Internet, you read people posting threads that are so vile and full of hate that it is sickening.

This professor and scholar, Dr. Lynch is 100% correct!

Showing humility towards others is a missing item in most of these forums and boards!

It goes without saying that one of the negative consequences about the Internet is that it provides a layer of anonymity to participants that in the normal course of life they would not have.

After all, saying something insulting directly to a person’s face about his/her skin color, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, weight, appearance, etc., adding in a few “expletive-deleted” phrases to help get the point across; spoken to the wrong individual just might land the person making the statement in a hospital after his/her face had been re-arranged by the person to which these vile remarks were directed.

Or taking it to the extreme with the proclivity of guns available in our society, the person being offended simply shooting dead the individual who had insulted him/her as a form of “pay back”.

Yet, on the Internet it is possible to say anything often without the slightest fear of recrimination.

Social Media – upping the ante even further! How to be civil to others

Social media through the popularity of Face Book, Twitter, etc., simply provides a person with the ability to spread his/her invective sometimes delusional thoughts to an audience of millions.

A person making a vile remark about a specific religion might have that comment tweeted and then re-tweeted many times, all started with the simple typing of an under 140-character comment on a cell phone that took all of 2 minutes to complete.

Another problem according to Dr. Lynch as stated in this article is the incredible rise recently in fake news being posted on social media.

According to Dr. Lynch and I quote:

“Fake news sites. . . play directly into the bias by supplying false information that conforms to a person’s political views as expressed – perhaps only implicitly – by the trail of information left on the web.

Marry this type of propaganda with a tendency to think that your political”, (or one could also add religious) “viewpoint is perfect and you get a dangerous, reinforcing mix.


As I stated above what Dr. Lynch referred to is the arrogance that is in all of us, and right at this moment the inability quite often to be civil towards others about differences of opinions and beliefs!

Civility – As defined in Wikipedia!

As defined in Wikipedia, the word “civility” first means:

(Quote) “The action of working together productively to reach a common goal, and often with beneficent purposes” (Un-quote).

People working together to reach a common goal – being nice to one another in a variety of ways: sharing thoughts about a country’s economy, healthcare system, religious beliefs, social values, etc.

Done with the purpose so that in the end EVERYONE benefits. How to be civil to others

So, what does all this have to do with running an online business?

If you are an individual who has an online business, even if it does not mean taking inbound or placing outbound, (cold-calling) calls, you still would be communicating with your website’s readers.

Through content articles posted to a website, the business owner would be communicating to the readers.

If it is promoting a product that would serve to help/provide a solution for/give advice/improve the life of that person reading the article, whatever is written should be done in a positive non-threatening, respectful manner.

The needs of the person reading the article should be placed above whatever monetary goals are being sought by the online business owner!

The worst thing to do would be to come across as arrogant and disrespectful to the reader, treating him/her as being less than what he/she is as a human being.

Patience is a virtue!

Quite often the manner in which the reader would communicate back to the business owner would be done through posted comments left at the end of each article.

I can tell you through my own experiences that in a handful of cases patience is a virtue when addressing these comments.  Sometimes the reader might disagree with a topic subject posted in the content article.

Or else, the individual did not quite read the entire content thoroughly and in his/her posted comment it could come across quite easily that it was indeed the case.

Now the worst thing one could do from the position of the business owner is to, in his/her website post a sarcastic, cutting remark that is completely disrespectful to that person who posted the comment. How to be civil to others

In most cases, any possible sale or the possibility of that individual even returning to visit the site, after he/she had been verbally attacked would vanish into thin air.

Worst yet if other visitors were to read the comment posted by the website owner they would just think, “What a jerk”, and never return as well.

As a business owner one simply must show a high level of patience sometimes to a site’s visitors.

Humility would be needed, not arrogance or a lack of civility seen too often nowadays by tens of millions of people on the Internet and in society.

It is easy to show humility to others.  Just act humble and respectful towards other human beings.

As my late mom often said, “you can’t just judge a book by its cover”!

This goes for how we treat other human beings.  Just don’t look at the outer surface of a human being – his/her appearance visibly as you see him/her.  Get to know a person as an entire human being by also looking deep inside that individual.

If there are disagreements about mundane things, so what?  Is it the end of the world?

Where this concept of civility is taught in a specific online business!

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Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:









4 thoughts on “How To Be Civil To Others

  1. Hi,

    Now this is a topic close to my heart! Why can’t people just be good to each other.
    Sure, we’ve had hate crimes for a long time, but now we have internet bullying we know it’s wrong, but we continue to disrespect anyone that’s “different”, entire cultures of people on the views of a few clowns.
    Somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten what it means to be civil to each other. Now it’s every man for himself.
    Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading.

  2. What a great concept and insight. I really enjoyed reading this post and respect the way that you related it to something outside of the original author probable meaning. It is so true that people tend to lose their humility online. Maybe everyone should consider themselves a business owner and the brand they are promoting is themselves. I think that would make the internet a better place. How do you feel? By the way I’ve heard great things about Wealthy Associate.

  3. Hi sir! Thank you for reading the article and also issuing your thoughts. I agree that most of the problems of the world today, and actually for a very, very long time is the fact that people do not respect each other or act in a civil manner.

    It is only made that much worse by the Internet and as I stated in the article, the anonymity that people have participating in forums/messages board where essentially it is nothing but the wild, wild west! I do think that the Internet would be made so much better both through people respecting each other and also business owners promoting themselves and their brand with transparency.

    I’m glad, seeing that you’re a new member of WA sir that you have seen what a great company it is for learning how to run an online business the correct way!

    Again, I do so much appreciate your both taking the time to read this article and also posting your very kind thoughts!



  4. Hi Mark! Thank you for both reading this article and sharing your very meaningful, from the heart thoughts, sir! I agree with everything that you stated. Human beings are their own worse enemies. I do hope that things improve as far as the relationships that except between mankind. Otherwise I fear that down the road we’ll all just blow each other up ending the Planet as we know it. That or else the Man upstairs will say, “That’s enough” and then start all over again.

    As I stated in a previous comment and in the article itself in reality the Internet has only made it worse. Disrespect, bullying, hate crimes are all part and partial due to the fact that basically anything goes nowadays. And, don’t even get me started on gun laws in this often backwards country that is the U.S.A.

    People have to be slapped upside their heads to get them to realize that hatred is an insidious poison that threatens to ruin this entire world. Hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later, Mark!

    Again I do so appreciate your both reading this article and also providing your exceptional thoughts, sir!



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