How to Avoid Online Scams

Working an online business from home can produce rewards monetarily.  With the advances in technology regarding computers, mobile devices, and the Internet over the last decade, more people have chosen the option to own an online business from home. images Internet scams

Unfortunately, there are human beings in the world who are not at all honest as they look to prey on unsuspecting individuals.

These scheming people simply seek to take money from the innocent and will do so through fraudulent, online scam opportunities and without remorse.

If the naive person(s) were to lose most of his/her lifetime savings, in reality, those devious people could really care less.

I fully admit to being the victim of these type of online activities which, on the surface looked to be legit opportunities when being presented initially.  Most definitely and to my chagrin, they were not!  I invested money into what frankly were nothing but scams.

I consider it almost to be my duty in helping you not fall into the same type of traps that I did.  So I want to provide some basic tips to assure that you will know how to avoid online scams.  Here are these tips:

1). Never fall for the get-rich-quick scheme opportunity!

Any online business opportunity that promises you can soon be earning thousands of dollars/month within a half year of your initial investment is a scam!  I hope that you are wise enough to understand that a company which promises, better yet guarantees that you will be earning income, “beyond your wildest dreams” within 4 – 5 months is Fraudulent with a capital “F”.

I should not have to spend more time in this article explaining to you that there are practically no legit business online opportunities that can guarantee you almost instantaneous and large amounts of fortune you can accrue within a short time period.

It would be like hitting the mega-millions lottery, and with ridiculously high odds working against you, there is absolutely no guarantee that you would win back even one dime!

2). NEVER invest large amounts of money initially into an online opportunity!  No matter how tempting it may be!!!scam logo protect yourself

Stupidly, I fell for this type of scam back in 2005.  It was with a company that now, no longer exists.  I admit then to being greedy.  The company sold the idea of financial freedom being reached if you “believed” in their system.

I fell for their spiel as I yearned to be able to retire early as a multi-millionaire.  And it could happen with this opportunity as preached by the individuals promoting this company.   Stupid me for believing such garbage!

Initially, you could put zero dollars down and join this company.  But, the sales pitch was that you would have to work that much harder to advance forward in the business “model” that made up the structure of this company.

However, if you chose to invest $1,000 with this opportunity, (which is what I ended up writing out that amount on a check to become a member)  it brought about the promise that you would be placed higher up within the company’s structure, and have the advantage of receiving more “help” from your mentors.

My mistake was two-fold.  In reality, I could have put down zero dollars and started in the same place within the company’s pyramid “structure” instead of plunking down $1,000.  BTW, they also had another option involved with joining this “opportunity” by instead plunking down over $1,500 initially and you would be placed even higher within their “structure”.  Really a line of b.s.

As far as marketing your online business, this company’s model in that regard involved you trying to recruit interested people through lead generation and cold calling.   You spent $$ out of your pocket buying “leads” back then from what turned out to be fraud online companies who promoted them.

I really look back now with much regret at all of the time that I spent on the phone trying to convince “leads” of the great advantages, and financial fortune they could make getting involved in this company based on my recruiting them.

A good percentage of the leads turned out to be bogus.  Names of individuals on the lists did not match up with the particular phone numbers.  There were also scores of wrong/disconnected phone numbers.  You name it, the entire ordeal was one large scam.

It was wasted time which I could never get back in my life for as long as I lived.  My initial $1,000 investment, not even counting the money that I invested into purchasing leads was nothing but fool’s gold!

3). Look at a company’s homepage website!

I once worked for a company whose sole purpose was to evaluate websites in order to make the Internet as safe as possible.  I was trained especially what to look for in evaluating initially the homepage of a company’s website.

Here is what my training with this company educated me as I provide for you a link to the organization that I now belong to:  Wealthy Affiliate.

I ask that you immediately scroll down to the bottom of the homepage.  On the bottom, you will see in particular the words “company information”, “Contact Us” and “Privacy”.  Each of these

Each are links which by clicking on them, you will be re-directed to pages that explain the company’s information, how to contact them directly and privacy policy statement.  The latter explains to the visitor how Wealthy Affiliate collects and shares information, cookies regarding your personal computer during a visit to the site, and finally, confidentiality and security measures that are followed.

I am in business with Wealthy Affiliate as a member.  Indeed it is 100% a legit company.  Click Here As It Is My #1 Recommendation That Exists On the Internet!

If you go to a site’s homepage and you do not see visible links regarding the company’s history/information, how to contact them or their privacy policy then you should question the legitimacy of that online business.

4). Does the company’s homepage look professional?

When viewing an online business opportunity by studying the company’s website just how does it look?  Looking specifically at the homepage, for it should be the first thing that you see, does it look professionally done?

Or instead, does this page look like something that a 12-year-old would have designed?  Does it have so much information, cluttered, haphazardly designed, and randomly presented that you’re confused just looking at it?

Are you bombarded by more than one “spiel” telling you to buy into the company’s main opportunity?  Then if you look off to the side in another column are you hit by a message telling you to buy something, not at all connected to what the company is offering?  That would not be a professional website at all!

5). Make money while you sleep! Really?  So you’re going to believe that absolute B.S?free-money scam image

I also personally hate this sales “spiel”.  On the company’s website, they show a picture of an individual in his/her pajamas along with that of a computer.

The person is euphoric and often you see dollar signs floating around him/her.  You are told that “following our proven system, the computer will do all of the work for you even while you sleep”!

Folks, I truly hope that you are smarter than that.  Often, 5 – 8 years ago you saw this type of bogus advertising for an online business venture seemingly all across the Internet.  All of those opportunities are online SCAMS!

To make money you must work at it, putting in the effort to market a product to interested people.

There is NOT a proven business online opportunity where you just sit back after plugging yourself into the company’s marketing “system” and it does all of the work for you.  Even while you sleep!

It would be outright foolishness for you to naively believe that such a legit opportunity can be found.  Notice that I said the word “legit”!

6). Selling products that are herbal/diet and considered supplements:

I personally would stay away from this altogether.  In today’s world, we have all become more conscious of our mind and bodies.  There are online opportunities where you can promote and market herbal/diet supplements in the forms of a person taking them orally.

You must consider first the entire picture in your getting involved in such a venture.  Providing the latest magic “diet” pill or herb to a customer could lend itself to all types of legal problems, and for you especially.

You could have a customer who was to eventually have some type of negative reaction physically to that little pill that you sold him/her.  It could even reach a point in which the direct result was a fatality.  This could lead to very ugly consequences enacted against you personally that could last for a very long time.

Really I urge you not to get involved in an online venture where you market the latest and greatest diet or herbal supplement/pill.

7). Do your due diligence first!

Before you lay down even one penny into an online business opportunity do your homework first.  Conduct a thorough investigation of this company.  While the prevent fraud perform detection BBB, (Better Business Bureau) is not infallible, nevertheless they will issue a red-flag to a company that they know of through previous complaints and investigation that has been proven to be a scam.

I would even consider contacting your state’s Attorney General’s office to find information on a potential online business opportunity.  I did that one previous time with an opportunity and although the office only had “suspicions” about this business, nevertheless I elected to stay away from them based only on the information given to me by that office.

Final thoughts:

My final advice is to just thoroughly check out any online opportunity where you have the chance in generating income.  Make sure that the company is completely legit.  If you have the hint that something even “smells” funny, back away from joining or investing even minimal money into the venture.

Most of all you do not want to set yourself up for possible legal action down the road if you were to get involves in an online venture that could later be construed as fraudulent.

Thank you for reading this article!  I hope that I was able to help you gain some knowledge about online scams that unfortunately still exist in today’s world.  If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below.


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