Holiday Scams On The Internet

Unfortunately with the holiday season around the corner, it is also the time of year when people who are up to no good are out in full force trying to pull something nasty on holiday scams on the internetinnocent individuals.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of good cheer and spreading the joy to neighbors, friends and even complete strangers. Instead just as importantly you have to be aware of holiday scams on the Internet.

The criminal deviants will only ramp up their efforts to pull off a scam between now and just past the New Year – 2017.  All because these idiots are aware of other things that people may have in mind, perhaps more distracted than usual because the holidays are coming up.

These kind of low-life idiots will try to steal someone’s money, even his/her life savings if need be and think nothing of it.  They also will impersonate people by stealing their identity and from there create chaos.  You name the fraud and some jerk will try to pull it off.

So with this article I hope to put all my readers on guard.  This time of the year especially, scams will take place!

Police and the BBB asking people to be vigilant when on the Internet or even out in public!

In an article which can be found by clicking here, law enforcement as well as the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) are warning people that especially at the time of year that we’re now entering you simply have to be on the lookout for scams.

The article addressed a lot of scams that you can be a victim of out in the public and having nothing to do with the Internet.

The author of the article which originated if you clicked on the link above out of the state of Washington, (and which can occur in all 50 states in the U.S.) warned people about strangers ringing your doorbell to solicit a too-good-to-be true offer.  This offer can be for a lower cable TV offer from “John Doe’s Cable”.  It comes at a much lower monthly rate than you are currently paying for with your cable subscription package.  Think about all of the savings that you, trying to make ends meet monthly in your budget, can make!  Wow!!

The offer can be for insurance protection against your home, “just in case an unexpected storm blows in”. Or the worst one of all as it is the season of giving, a person representing some charity for a “good cause” that needs money. Tugging at your heart strings usually with some sob story they can have you reaching for your purse, or worse yet your checkbook.

A new never-heard-of-before cable TV company that promises you much lower monthly rates?  You’d be wise not to go all in my friends! holiday scams on the internet

Folks do not fall for any of the above scenarios.  You’ll come to regret it when you find out that as example after changing cable service to that previously unheard of cable company within 5 days suddenly you get nothing but a blank screen on your 39 inch HD television after hitting the power button on your remote.

That is because that new cable company was a fraud.  Sure you paid only $9.99 for the first month of service and after that only $29.99 per month.  But while sounding nice the company was absolutely bogus.  You lost the $9.99. You now have no cable service at all after those 5 days.

You’d better also contact your credit card company, all because you agreed to enroll in that fraud cable company’s automatic payment plan.  They’ll keep adding charges onto that card unless you have the account closed permanently.

The same principle about being on your guard goes with the scenario about the home protection insurance.  Don’t just allow some representative of this “company” into your house unless he/she can provide absolute, positive certified documentation that proves that the company is real.

Even with that you would not want to commit to anything on that first visit.  In fact if you already have insurance don’t be suckered into the “shiny new object” that represents the new company.  In 99% of all cases they are bogus. And suddenly if that unexpected weather event occurs that damages your house well guess what?  The bogus insurance company does not cover you one single, solitary bit!

Good luck to you paying for the $20,000 or more amount of damage to the structure of your home which will come straight out of your pocket.

Besides which and I don’t know about you, I definitely do NOT allow any strange person into my house under any reason.  As I am a guy, this individual should it be a woman selling insurance could have the alluring beauty of a Beyoncé Knowles.   Well, fake Beyoncé still would not be allowed past my front door as I don’t know her!

Charities in need of money?  Unfortunately not all of them are honest!

That goes for the charity as well.  People will stoop to anything trying to get money from you.  Realizing that it is the season of “giving”, these con artists want you to give usually money to them.  If necessary they would even try to lay a guilt trip on you about the need to provide financially for that poor family who lives at such and such an address, has 6 kids and within 3 days will be out on the streets homeless.

Then if one were to research that address later he/she would find out that it is a vacant lot, formerly some “Stop and Shop” supermarket that had closed down 5 years ago.

Internet scams will ramp up as well! holiday scams on the internet

Previously to this article I have written many articles about the different types of scams that exist online.  Someone once asked me to devote an article about each new scam that comes out.  This reader was a nice young individual, but she was also naïve.

That is because it is impossible to keep up with the new scams that come out daily.  Just know that there are probably hundreds of thousands of them if one were to look underneath every rock in all 4 corners of the globe.

Be aware of the fact that scams such as those regarding emails, bank accounts, credit cards, (especially popular during the holidays with people often purchasing gifts on credit) and so many others are out in full force this time of year.  Always, 24/7, watch your back otherwise innocently opening that enticing email from a stranger, as example, could lead you to a world full of hurt!

Social media as it has rapidly grown within the past several years online have their scams as well.  You’d be totally naïve if you somehow believe that the most popular social media platform in the world, Facebook is absolutely pristine and not at all prone to scams. It’s NOT the case my friend!

I will also talk about online dating scams as most assuredly they exist all over the world as well!  Single people lonely especially around this time of year often seek out companionship.  So you don’t believe that it is not at all possible that popular sites such as or E-harmony don’t have criminals lurking at the sites and possibly looking to take advantage financially of some single person who does not want to be alone for the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa and right after that New Year?holiday scams on the internet

Think again or try reading the story in the link that I provided above.  As I wrote that article back on March 29th of this year from research that I found online, according to the FBI since 2013 some 2.3 BILLION dollars have been conned successfully out of people on dating sites around the world.   That is billion, not million!!

So I hope that you received the message that I tried to bring up in this article. Holiday scams on the Internet will be there and in spades.  Don’t become yet another victim, okay?

I hate to say it but nowadays you simply can’t trust complete strangers, either the one knocking at your door or someone that you just met online!  Often these people will not be who they say they are but instead someone who will do whatever it takes to rip you off!

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6 thoughts on “Holiday Scams On The Internet

  1. Hi. Jefwa. Thanks for your review on holiday scams. I once subscribed for charity donations andgave out my credit card details. After about a year of direct debits and without even a single word from the organisation as what charities my money was going into I decided to opt out. It was a fight for me to just get to cancel my subscription. They continued debiting my account to a point where I had to threaten them with legal action

  2. Hi Leonard thank you for both reading this article and then issuing your comments. That’s too bad the issue that you had to go through ended up being a royal pain for you to get resolved. It’s too bad that there are less than honest people that exist in the world. But after all human beings are a flawed species.

    I know that there are some honest charity organizations out there. Unfortunately there are so many fraud charities as well. I simply refuse to listen to some strange person knocking on my door asking for some kind of donation. I don’t know him/her. Because the world is now the way that it is, I just don’t trust that person standing in front of me in that situation. It does not happen often, but even then I turn them away.

    I’d rather give to a known charity, such as the annual Jimmy V. charity involving cancer. ( a disease that claimed my father’s life) as I know without question that they are 100% legit.

    I’m glad that you finally got your situation resolved Leonard. Next time I believe that you’ll know better, sir!

    Again thank you for reading the article and I do appreciate your thoughts, sir!



  3. Hi, Jeff. Thank you for your sharing.
    I hate scam very much, especially those which pretends charities in need of money! Because by doing so they do not only steal the money from honest people, but also make more people doubt about real charities.
    Although there are many internet scams, there are still some valid online platforms that worth of money. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the examples!

  4. Hi Anthony, Thank you for both reading this article and then sharing your thoughts. I agree with everything that you said. It is a shame that the dishonest charities effect all of the HONEST ones in a negative way. As I said in the article I never trust ANY person coming to my door soliciting. They may indeed represent an honest charity. But then again they may not. How would I know? Dishonest people, charities and scammers online trying to promote business opportunities all belong in jail and for a lengthy period. That and also be forced to repay the people to whom they illegally scammed.

    Thank you again for your thoughts Anthony. They are very much appreciated by me, sir!



  5. Man… All these scams are crazy, they will do whatever trying to milk every single coin out of your bank deposit. What to do for real. It’s sad how easily people will fall for dirty sales trick, and just leads them deeper and deeper into their sales funnel

    And empty promise with no words. Thank you for your post and keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Victor! Thank you for taking the time to read this article and then issue your thoughts. I obviously agree with you. It truly is a shame that so many unscrupulous people work to milk people out of their money with scams. All because there are so many naive people in the world who still believe that it is easy as pie to make a lot of money on line. These people’s greed prove to be their downfall. I know from personal experiences that I once was the same way.

    However I wised up which millions of people still need to do really in order to save their own selves from their selfish greed.

    Thank you again for your wonderful thoughts Victor. I truly appreciate them, sir!



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