Does Grammarly Work?

The Positive Effect On Productivity for the Website Owner!Does Grammarly work

In a previous article, I did a review of the relatively new Grammarly App/Add-on for readers.

Now, I will attempt to answer the question posed in the title above: Does Grammarly work?  Or is it just some fancy add-on tool that one could do without?

The Grammarly App at work:

I am creating this article on Microsoft Word.  Since I already installed Grammarly onto my desktop computer, (the free version) I only needed to enable it to allow the tool to perform the features of the App as I write.

Below is a screen shot, which was taken exactly at this moment:


Does Grammarly work

You will notice at the top on the left-hand side that the first box allows me to disable Grammarly if I so choose.

To the immediate right of that the article is being checked through several of Grammarly’s tools:

1). Contextual Spelling

2). Grammar

3). Punctuation.

To the right of the article itself, is Grammarly’s “mistake box”.  Here whenever the App sees mistakes in spelling, poor grammar, or punctuation marks they will appear along with suggestions.

Grammarly WILL find your writing errors!

Allow me to now go ahead and purposely make a mistake within the article.  For example I make an error by misspelling a word: website ownor.

Oops, I made two mistakes as you can see below:


Does Grammarly work


I should have added in a comma after the word “example” in the sentence.  Notice that the green underline symbol placed under the word “example”.  To the right, Grammarly suggested that I add in the comma after the word “example”.

Also, I misspelled, (on purpose) the word “ownor” as it has a red underline beneath it.  To the right in the image above, Grammarly suggested that I meant to spell the word correctly as “owner”.

To the right, by simply clicking the green word or in the case of the punctuation error, the correction would be automatically made in the document by the Grammarly App.

Also in the image on the upper left-hand side, there were two red-lettered “1’s” on top of the “contextual spelling” and “punctuation” tools to further highlight that mistakes were found in the text by Grammarly.

What this means for the website business owner:

As I tried to emphasize in the first article posted the other day, I consider it to be crucial that any website appear as professional as possible on the Internet.

If an individual owns a website in which a product is being sold, the content articles simply cannot look as if they were written by a 6-year old child.  And, I do not mean any offense against children that age; usually one year out of kindergarten.

Face it, children at that age simply would not yet have been provided a lot of instruction on the many rules in forming proper sentence structure regarding their writing habits.

Readers/visitors to a website that is promoting the niche of golf clubs, (for example) would be turned off by articles that are littered with misspelled words and errors in grammar and/or syntax.

Would you want to be an owner of a website promoting Callaway Golf clubs that has readers leaving the site laughing their heads off all because mistakes littered every sentence in many of the articles?

How well do you believe that website owner’s business would be doing regarding raking in $$?

*** By the way with my top recommendation for learning how to run a legit online business and as part of the educational training, creating high-quality content articles with as few writing mistakes as possible is emphasized! ***

True, probably many of us will never go on to write dissertations for doctoral degrees, the highest level of academic writing possible.

But then again, having a professional looking website with well-written content articles is truly important to the success of that website business. Would you agree with that?

The Grammarly Premium/Pro package:

I freely admit the following: I chose to not consider buying this package.  The Grammarly App at the free level does what I feel is a terrific job at finding errors.

The premium package would go even deeper to find advanced issues, methods to enhance the vocabulary, and it also provides a plagiarism check tool against articles already posted online.

As I mentioned in the first article, in my opinion, the Grammarly Premium package would be suitable for individuals at academic institutions who are professors, researchers or students preparing to write either Masters’ degree thesis papers or Doctoral dissertations in which every word would be analyzed in full!

If you own an online business why not try for free the Grammarly App? Does Grammarly work

So, if you are already an online business owner, or are thinking of becoming one why not use the Grammarly App?

It is free and easy to download and install.  Unfortunately, and for a reason that I simply cannot answer at the Grammarly site, the App is only available for Windows’ based computers.  The designers of the Grammarly App have not yet created the App to be used on Apple Macintosh computers.

You do want to take your online business to the next level, right?  Start with the ability to create great content articles that are as free as possible from errors in grammar, spelling and syntax.

If you have a Windows’ based computer – go for it!  You can download the App to your computer right at the Grammarly site.

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With over 800,000 members since the company’s inception back in 2005, that figure speaks for itself.  Does Grammarly work

The program has the best educational training, tools and community support of any other competitive program online.

As I also stated earlier, at Wealthy Affiliate among other things members are taught how to write great content articles for their websites.

Thank you for reading this article! If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:



2 thoughts on “Does Grammarly Work?

  1. It looks like a great app, but somehow I’m still not convinced we really need one. I mean, any WordPress users will have an inbuilt spell checker in the wordpress editor, so why the need to have separate app? But I also agree that for professional work that need the utmost care and also plagiarism protection, the grammarly app will be very useful.


  2. Isaac, thank you for both reading this article and also issuing your thoughts. As I write new content for my website 3 – 4 times per week, I personally can attest that first of all the WordPress editor is inaccurate.

    In fact, when I published my two articles on the Grammarly App, the editor did NOT recognize the word “Grammarly” as being a word. The same thing occurs with Microsoft Word, which frankly I find annoying. The word press editor also does not make corrections in syntax or punctuation errors. So as to your comment that it is as good as Grammarly, (even at the free level) I beg to disagree with you.

    I do appreciate and respect your position on this app, which you are of course entitled to have. In fact it was in discussion over in the WA community, a handful of members extolling the virtues of the app.


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