Can You Make Money Online In Web Video Captioning?

People who have skills in web video captioning certainly can make money online working from home. web video captioning

The important ideal to remember however, is that you simply must have skills in this type of work.

Just because you can film, edit and post a video on YouTube is not even close to what would be required technically to being hired in the field of video captioning.

Essential requirements to perform the job in video captioning:

In many instances as part of the noble job of working in video captioning, the individual would be performing a service for people who might be suffering from the disability of being deaf.

As such a person employed in this line of work must:

1). Have a thorough command of the English language. The individual would have to master the proper rules of English grammar, spelling and syntax.

2). Be able to type fast and with accuracy.  Making too many clerical/typing errors would be something that just would not be acceptable for this type of job.

I guess that personally, this would rule me out, lol!  I always have to double, and sometimes triple check my articles for typing errors.

3). Have a command of stenographic skills, or shorthand.  Stenography and the command of this shorthand language would be used with live captioning.

One of the two companies that are currently hiring for work-from-home positions in web video captioning, (listed below) has a requirement that all individuals applying for job be able type at least 220 – 225 wpm involved with stenography. web video captioning

Anything below that would simply not be acceptable.

If you find that this might be a type of work from home position that you either don’t qualify for or something that is not of interest to you; instead I will now mention what is my top recommendation for learning how to build a legit online business from home.

Fast typing skills or stenographic skills would not be mandatory!

Two companies that are currently hiring within the industry of video captioning:

As promoted by Rat Race Rebellion, the most recognized and trusted work from home job leads site on the Internet, there are currently two companies that are looking to hire professionals in the industry of video captioning.

The first company is called Caption Colorado.  Just to let you know on their “careers” page in advertising this work from home position, the criteria for interested candidates is extremely high.

In taking an assessment test first before even going through the interview process, the candidate would be required to take part in a 30-minute assessment of a live local news program.

This would include I can only assume going through the process of what would be the responsibilities of what a person working in video captioning would have to perform in his/her duties.

According to what is stated on the homepage of this site, a candidate as part of the assessment test would be graded on, (quote) “keystroke accuracy, conflicts, word boundary problems, overall flow, completeness, and comprehensibility” (Un-quote).

I think that this understates the importance of a candidate having qualified training to begin with plus prior experience.

The second company is called Vitac.  This company has positions both as offline and real-time captioners.web video captioning

I could not help but notice that the positions being offered as offline captioners would involve the work from home employee transcribing and captioning programs that appear on the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, (TLC), The Animal Planet Channel, Sundance, The Travel Channel and others.

That could be an interesting job for those individuals who are into watching educational channels regularly, instead of some of the silly nonsense that appears on prime time regular television channels each week.  I’m sorry did I perhaps mean a show such as “Big Bang Theory”?

There was also a very interesting Q and A page regarding the hiring process at Vitac for one of the positions in video captioning.

Those individuals who would be reading this article and looking for work from home employment as a video captioner would benefit from reading that specific article.

*** Again, for those individuals reading this article who feel that this job is not of interest to you, instead as an alternative option there is my top recommendation for learning how to have a legit online business working from home.

No assessment tests, interviews, or knowledge about stenography would be needed! ***

So, how much could a work from home video captioner make as far as salary?

I will be quite truthful.  You could make a good salary in this position. However, understand that the two companies advertised in this article are among the best within the industry of video captioning. web video captioning

You MUST have the proper education, qualifications and experience otherwise, quite frankly you would never be hired.

Salaries depending on experience could range around $50,000 + per year.

So, with that information on web video captioning work from home jobs, I wish the best of luck to those readers who might be interested.

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5 thoughts on “Can You Make Money Online In Web Video Captioning?

  1. You have done a very thorough review of two companies that pay for people to do Web Video Captioning. I now know what skills are required to perform the task and what two companies, who contract out this service, expect their contractors to do.

    Their requirements are beyond my present ability but I am interested in finding out about WealthyAffiliates and their training.

  2. Hi Roger! Thank you for both reading this article and then sharing your thoughts. I’m glad that you got so much out of what I explained as part of the requirements for this job. Indeed, one would have to be trained in order to perform the duties of video captioning.

    In the meantime as you stated you wanted more info on Wealthy Affiliate. Please go through my landing page again to find out more info on this great opportunity and training program that would teach you how to run a legit online business for yourself.

  3. Hi Jeff,

    I’ve never heard of a video captioning job before online. It sounds like interesting work, also very tedious with all the editing you have to do. Wealthy Affiliate does seem like the better option. It also seems that you can really create a future with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Lady-Val! Thank you for both reading this article and also sharing your thoughts! Indeed video captioning, which first of all a person must have an educational training background can be both interesting but also tedious. Obviously it would not be for everyone!

    I also agree that Wealthy Affiliate does provide a person with passive income well into the future. The individual pursuing this however must be willing to put in some serious work as income especially in the beginning would not take place unless the person is willing to put his/her all into it!

    Thank you so much for your comments! They are truly appreciated by me!



  5. Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad that apparently, you got a lot of out this article!


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