Building a Website

In today’s world of online marketing and business ventures having a website is crucial to your success.  A website is the “store” to your local Main Street business  picture of two computer monitorsand one where visitors can visibly see the products that you are marketing.

It’s safe to say that without a really nice website you simply will not generate much income online with your business.  A person would just as soon visit the next individual marketing a similar product such as yours, and who does have an attractive website.  In that case, you’re constantly going to be out of luck and most likely not making any profits in your business.

Building a business website at the turn of the 21st century – A head-scratcher for the novice!

Now today, building a website has become a much simpler task compared to even 2005!  Back then you either had to have an educational background or training in HTML, coding and computer programming to understand and implement all of the things required in designing a website.

In other wards if you were a novice in performing any of these required steps it would have been practically impossible for you to do it yourself.  Your only choice probably would have been to hire someone with the expertise to design a website for you.  Often it could cost you some $$$ coming out of your pocket with your having to hire this individual to perform this task for you.

Building your own website made much easier!

In 2015, the actual process of designing a quality website has been made into something that ideally is simple to complete.  You could do it on your own, and in under 10 minutes.  Best of all you do not need knowledge of HTML, coding and computer programming to design a great looking and totally functioning website.

Are you questioning as to how this can all be done – and by you?

You are probably asking yourself, how can this be done?  What is it that I have to know about website design which will allow me to design one for myself that is both practical and efficient?

To help you understand the very basics of website design, here is what you need to know about what goes into a quality website: desktop computer art image

1). Speed and total time that it takes to load a website – Ideally it should be fast from the time that it takes for the visitor to either type in your website’s name and hit “enter” or being re-directed to it from another page.

A slow loading website is not something that you would want.  The recommended platform listed below, “WordPress” takes care of this for you.

2). The look of your website should be professional in its design – If you want to attract visitors and have them truly become interested in the product(s) that you are marketing, then your website should be a reflection on the type of professionalism you are trying to project with regards to your online business.

3). Ease of navigation – The visitor to your website should be able to easily navigate through the pages on your website without being “kicked off”, or re-directed to something other than what he/she intended to look at originally.

4). Quality of website content – This would be something that you would have to work on.  Content is about writing meaningful articles that are informative in presenting what you are trying to promote on your site.

At Wealthy Affiliate, to which I am a member, you are presented educational tools, tutorials and instruction which will help you become an effective content writer.

5). Content Management System (or CMS) – Admittedly a somewhat fancy term.  At Wikipedia CMS is defined as (quote) “a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from a central interface. . . CMSs are often used to run websites containing blogs, news, and shopping. (un-quote)”

Now as far as CMS, the computer application most widely used, and something featured solely at Wealthy Affiliate is “Word Press”.  It is the world’s most widely used website framework in existence.

Anyone, and I do mean anyone down to a 5 year old child could design his/her own website using the features present with Word Press.

Benefits to Using Word Press in designing your website:

1). Using Word Press it is easy to install and set up a brand, new website.  At Wealthy Affiliates, this is all done at a click of the button.

2). No HTML, coding or computer programming knowledge is needed!

3). There are over 2,000 different website templates to choose from, one appropriate to suit your personal tastes and most effectively help you to promote your product.

4). With one click you can install thousands of “add on” features to help make your website operate functionally and to your needs.

5). At Wealthy Affiliate you will get the support from a dedicated team whose jobs are to service you with the type of tech advice, (support) needed to keep your website functioning properly.  There is also help from tens of thousands of other WA members in the community.


So are you interested? Here is your opportunity to build a free website!

Are you the person interested in being able to generate legitimate income online through a business?  Do you realize that you can only do this through a great looking website?  Do you want to begin having a website of your very own?  Well here is all that you have to do:

1). Start building your own website for free, ($0) at SiteRubix.  You would have access to designing a Word Press website!  wa_uncover_secrets_250x250

2). Create a free account at Wealthy Affiliate.

3). Gain access to 2 free websites and complete training available to you at Wealthy Affiliate.

Really that is all that you have to do!  I personally would welcome you as a new member to this truly awesome online organization!

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts about joining Wealthy Affiliates or designing a website please enter them below in the comments’ section. Again membership initially at WA is free!


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