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Hi there! My name is Jeff. The picture of me off to the side of this page was taken back in the fall picture of Jeffof 2012.  I am standing on the summit of Diamond Head Mountain above Honolulu, Hawaii.

For those of you who have never been to Hawaii, it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  I’ve been there a total of six times on vacation visits in my life.  The islands really are a tropical paradise and it goes without saying that it is extremely expensive to live out there.

So, what does Hawaii have to do with what is being offered at this website you might ask?  No, I  am not going to suggest that you move out there!  I bring up Hawaii as simply being a place that most people on Earth would simply love visiting even once in their lifetimes.

Based on earnings from my business, I plan on going out there within the next several years to visit again – specifically to the island of Kauai which I have never previously seen.

My now deceased parents, who visited Hawaii 4 times during their long, close to 40-year marriage, always thought of Kauai as being the most beautiful and authentic, (true Hawaiian culture) of any of the other Hawaiian islands and that includes Maui.

Dream about earning legitimate wealth!

I freely admit to being the individual who seeks to have a life where I don’t have to worry about money all of the time.  Statistically, through the advances made in medicine, human beings are now living much longer as opposed to even 50 years ago.  A couple of my grandparents lived well into their 80’s, as did my Mom.

Unfortunately with the higher economic cost of living, rising health care costs and other factors; a percentage of people in this world worry about possibly running out of money at some point in their lives.  That truthfully is something that scares me!  I’ve long resolved to prevent that situation from occurring in my life.

If I am blessed to live until I am 85, I hope that I can retain my health fairly well and not be a burden on anyone.  I want to be able to control my own situation.  That control also includes having plenty money in the bank as well to live on!

When I do pass on, I want to be in the situation where I can dictate as to where my savings and property will be designated to family and very close lifetime friends as their inheritance gift coming from me.

Online opportunities to earn wealth are a reality – You just have to know WHERE to look for them!

It is a fact that many people have earned a great deal of fortune, legitimately, by running their own online businesses.  Frankly, I want to be one of those folks.  Really, who would not want to be in that situation?

Sadly, however, I know of and have been the victim of what turned out to be fraudulent “I can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams and quickly” scams that really exist all over the globe.  These bogus opportunities have grown along with the explosion of the Internet, which to be quite honest, angers me personally.

Then again human beings can be devious, selfish and very unkind in their treatment of other individuals.  Too often, scheming people not caring a whit about anyone else, look to greedily take advantage of other unsuspecting individuals.

Having been involved with working from home, (still having to report to others in a company) and running my own business (es) for about 14 years now, I’ve become fairly adept at easily spotting the con artists.  I find it positively criminal when seedy individuals involved with a scam look to prey upon innocent people.

These morally corrupt individuals offer false hope by promising “get rich quick” schemes that too often end up in total failure for the person who unwisely got involved with the scam.  Often way too late before realizing what has happened, these innocent people lose boatloads of money; sadly in some cases it involving practically their entire lifetime savings.

Wealthy Affiliate and why it is the best training program on the Internet!

It is my aim to make money through a legitimate online business that I have become a part of called Wealthy Affiliate.   Just as importantly I also seek to genuinely help others who might also be interested in generating income online doing so the correct way.  I’ve been scammed a handful of times in the past.  My philosophy will be to prevent it from happening to you as well!

Through the several times that I previously got involved with an online business opportunity only to fail, I can now trace it back to the fact that the company that I got involved with had very poor training.

Please allow me to make the following statement:

*** If you decide to get involved with any online business venture, and if the program/company that you are researching fails to make mention, even on the home page of the site, of the type of educational training that they would provide you, DO NOT JOIN! Under any circumstances!!***

The fact is that each year, especially taking into account that social media and their various platforms continue to grow, an online business company’s training would need to be tweaked or updated.  Your odds of becoming financially successful running an online business as part of a program that had not updated its educational training since 2006 would be just about zero!

So if you are serious about having the opportunity to get involved with a money-making opportunity, I can only recommend Wealthy Affiliate as My #1 Recommendation on the Internet for learning how to build a legit business working from home.

So that is me, Jeff!  I work from home having my own business.  If it is something that you seek in fulfilling your goal to make an income online, than I am here to help you.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me!  I would welcome any thoughts that you might have in your quest to have your own online business!


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