A Legit Way To Earn Money Online

I am sure if you reached this website then you would be looking for a legit way to earn money online.  A legit way to earn money online

With the economy and the fact that so many people are either looking to supplement their incomes, are unemployed or dissatisfied with their present jobs, the Internet has provided ways for you to earn money.

So you want to make money on the Internet?  Watch your back my friend!

However I want to be completely honest with you.  The Internet is also a cesspool filled with criminal deviants who look to con you with the idea that you can easily earn money.  These scams all seek to fool you with a “can’t miss” opportunity that has never been seen before online and by any other company.  Unwisely and with dollar signs floating in front of your eyes you quickly fork over, (using your credit card) the $299.99 or whatever they state is their “investment fee” and buy all in.

Only 8 weeks later not earning a dime, and no longer receiving messages back from that person who roped you into the con, (he/she seemingly fell off of the face of the Earth) you realize sadly that you were the victim of a scam.  And you won’t be getting your money back either!

I have been a victim of similar schemes and I don’t want that to happen to you!  In this article I aim to do two things:

One, I want to teach you how to immediately recognize those scams that are still out there by the tens of thousands with fake online money making opportunities.  Before officially getting involved with these con opportunities, I want you to recognize that you need to walk away from them without a second thought.

Second I will present what I feel is the absolute best and most legitimate program/educational training opportunity that will teach you how to build a successful online business.

The scams!  Opportunities that I would not want my worst enemy to take part in! A legit way to earn money online

Alright if you clicked on that link that I posted above, or as an alternative this one, both try to sell you with the fiction that you can earn a boatload of money with their opportunities.  Money you have never seen before in your life!

One company asks, practically twisting your arm that you pay a heavy fee $$$$ to join.  The other opportunity, admittedly not so much.

With Advocare to come in on their “advisor” level would require that you invest $2,000 as an initial fee.  You officially don’t have to fork over this money.

However in reading about this company which was the subject of an ESPN The Magazine article, any person wanting to get involved with this venture still has his/her arm pretty much twisted behind his/her back as a great deal of pressure is placed on the individual.

The person is told that if he/she is truly serious about making money, then it would be in his/her best interest to fork over a bit of cash.   I guess that the “big-wigs” with Advocare consider a $2,000 initial investment as only a “bit of cash”.

The other opportunity presented above, “Skinny Body Care” only would involve an initial $80 investment.  But looking at it in depth, the program is every bit as fraudulent as Advocare.

I have found in my research some truly fraudulent companies so far, such as the two above.  In addition another company called Herbalife was recently fined $200 million dollars by the U.S. A legit way to earn money onlineFeds after people working as distributors for this company got together and initiated a class action lawsuit against them.  The Feds found this company’s business practices to be illegal.

These three opportunities at Skinny Body Care, Advocare, and Herbalife all have you peddling as products magic weight-loss pills, crèmes and herbal/drink supplements none of which were ever approved by the U.S.F.D.A. (United State Food And Drug Administration).

These are the types of products in a business that you would need to avoid  at all costs in promoting them, looking at it from the standpoint of possible legal repercussions happening to you.  Why do you say I make that statement?

Look at it this way.  Suppose that you sell Mr. and Mrs. John Doe who lives down the street from you a bottle of supplements sold by your online company that you are a distributor for that act as weight loss pills.  Mrs. Doe shortly thereafter has an allergic reaction to the weight loss pills that you personally sold her.  Mrs. Doe dies!

The cause of her death is proven in an autopsy as being the result of her ingesting those pills that came from your online company in which you are a distributor.  Again, you personally sold her those pills.

Really I would hate to be you.  Mr. Doe decides to initiate a civil lawsuit demanding that someone/some people be held responsible for his wife’s untimely death.  Besides the company itself, guess who else has been named in Mr. Doe’s lawsuit?  Y-O-U!!

What else is a common theme found in bogus online money making opportunities?

In performing research on the above companies, plus several others posted in reviews on this website, one common theme relating to the business model is inherent in all of them.  They are all set up as pyramid schemes. A legit way to earn money online

What is a pyramid scheme you ask?  Have you ever heard of or seen the famous Egyptian pyramids?  They are known as one of the “7 wonders of the world”.   Some dating back to the period in time Before Christ, (BC); they were built as tombs for the ancient Pharaohs in that part of the world.

I have an accompanying image of them posted off to the right in this article.  Notice that the pyramids have a wide base, and rise to a single point at the top.

Well think of fraudulent and illegal pyramid schemes in place at scam online money making businesses.  At the very bottom or base of the pyramid lie the low-placed individuals,  people who recently just joined the company.

Thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of these people get involved in this company believing naively in  the the complete lie that was told them to about their potentially and quickly earning 5-figures per month.   They  work their tails off trying to develop their businesses.

Usually the business involves either selling the products, (pills, crèmes, and “nutritional” drinks) or recruiting other people.  However cruelly the opposite occurs and these people do not come close to smelling 5-figure incomes, let alone barely three-figure ($100) monthly incomes at all.

These poor people, often being duped out of a lot of cash just to join the opportunity end up making next to nothing themselves!

In fact in the pyramid model practically all of what these bottom-tier individuals  earn goes directly to people further up the level(s) that was constructed in the company’s set-up.  With one specific company that I reviewed here at this site, SFI, they have 12 such levels in their business model.

So you must realize where a great percentage of the money in these pyramid models all funnel up towards, don’t you?  You guessed it, the person at the very top!  Because of the set-up of those companies’ illegal business models, the person at the top of the pyramid does very little work.  Yet, he/she still earns a lion’s share of the profits! A legit way to earn money online

What am I trying to say regarding pyramid set-ups with online business opportunities? In studying such an opportunity that might be presented to you, if you see the words “down-line”, “up-stream” or “levels” when the company is discussing its business model please AVOID joining it whatever you do.

The diagram off to the right best illustrates the monetary distribution involving pyramid schemes.  Many people at the bottom earning nothing but chump change.  The one person at the top earning practically everything.

Not only are pyramid schemes illegal in this country and many others – unfortunately so many still present online that Federal investigators can’t look into them all at once, but most likely you’re not going to earn a nickel in these ventures!

 Companies that promise you can earn a fortune quite easily and quickly with their opportunities?  Stay FAR away from them!

All of these companies that I have mentioned so far in this article all promise the same lie.  You can quickly and quite simply make more money than you can ever dream of if you invest into their money making scams.

Folks, please understand one thing.  If it were so easy to make money in a venture – becoming a millionaire within a few months after joining, then why isn’t the world filled with people who became rich very soon after starting up their online businesses?

Instead why do 90% of all people fail within several months, many after getting involved with these scam opportunities – dollars bills floating in front of their eyes and all but an illusion? A legit way to earn money online

These bogus companies all sell you the same line of bull crap.  Daily tens of thousands of people buy into the latest, never-before-been-seen opportunity to make more money, very quickly than they have ever thought about at any point previously in their lives. Instead, and quite soon their dreams are rudely shattered!

Life does not work that way my friends!  Apples, not dollar bills fall from trees!

If you want to legitimately earn money online understand that it will be like running a marathon.  There will be obstacles, a lot of sweat, some disappointment and a whole lot of effort required on your part to turn it into an eventual success. It will NOT happen overnight!

So I have presented a number of things that you need to look at and avoid as you seek a legit way to earn money online.  Now what about THE best opportunity that I can present you that will teach you how to build a business?

Here Is The #1 Recommended Educational Training Program To Help You Learn How To Build A Legit Online Business For Yourself!

I want to take the time to promote the most legit online business opportunity anywhere called Wealthy Affiliate.  This company founded in 2005 has had over one hundred thousand members at one time or another who all sought to build a legit online business for themselves.

The educational training, tools and community support all key to a person’s eventually attaining success through his/her online business is unmatched anywhere else by any other company. A legit way to earn money online

At Wealthy Affiliate you would receive the tools to enable you to create your own website and do it in as little as 15 minutes.  Plus the company provides free hosting of your website(s)!

 Click Here As It Is My #1 Recommendation On The Internet if you are looking to start your own business from home.  You can join this opportunity initially for free!  Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family.

Thank you for reading this article! If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:








6 thoughts on “A Legit Way To Earn Money Online

  1. Thank you for your review. There are indeed many scams out there just lurking and waiting. Personally, I had not thought of Advocare or Herbalife as a scam, but at the same time any company that promises great wealth fast is on the questionable side. We know that when it sounds to good to be true, it often is. Wealthy Affiliate is a great tool for helping on-line businesses get started and stay afloat. It’s a great community of entrepreneurs. Slow and steady!

  2. HI Jeff and thanks for your very thorough and informative post. You say building an online business with Wealthy Affiliate is a marathon. I’m really committed, I only work part time and I can write fairly well, how long do you realistically think it would be before I could expect to make some money if I joined the site. I know that’s a gnarly question but I’m thinking of all the things that have to happen, like finding a niche and putting good content on it, not to mention social media. I just wonder if I would have enough time?



  3. Hi there, nice article.

    Nice job on exposing the dangers of getting sued. Never really thought of it that way. Pretty scary thought.

    But I do agree that the internet is also full of scams which really gave internet marketing a bad name. As soon as people hear the words ‘make money online’, they immediately think of scams. That’s just awful. So, good job on educating people to know how to spot online scams.

  4. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for both reading the article and then issuing your thoughts afterwards. I agree with you that there still is a need to better inform people about the dangers of trying to earn money desperately through online ventures and not really doing good enough jobs researching the opportunity beforehand.

    I so appreciate your comments, sir!



  5. Hi Deb! Thank you for both taking the time to read the article and then issuing your thoughts. As to your question – it depends on how often you would be willing to actually work on your business. It so happens that in an article that I wrote just last week I gave my opinion that you really can not expect to really grow a website if you only add 3 – 4 articles per month in whatever niche business that you choose. Here is that article:


    I work at my online business full-time and as far as I know the people who are extremely successful financially who are members of Wealthy Affiliate also do it full-time. I completely understand if you have other commitments – through another job. However I feel that there is so much to this as you stated – finding a good niche, doing research on content, (something this is taught here at WA) writing articles consistently and then promoting on social media then the progress of your business will be all that much slower. I’m just being honest, Deb!

    Anyway I do so appreciate your visiting my website and reading this particular article. By all means click on the link to that article and see what I have to say.



  6. Hi David! Thank you for both reading the article and then issuing your thoughts. Sorry but the proof is in the pudding that both Advocare and Herbalife are unquestionably scam businesses and one that you should avoid.

    Actually back around 2000 or so I thought about joining Herbalife. However it was my mom, a retired nurse in the healthcare profession who questioned as to the viability of this company – especially when it came to possible issues with liability considering the products involve weight loss pills. She mentioned to me that very same fictional story that I brought up in the article. A customer dying due to a reaction to the pills that I would have sold him/her. And then the surviving spouse of other family member initiating a lawsuit with the intent of suing Herbalife – and also me!!! Did I want that, my mom asked? Immediately I dropped any idea that I had about joining this company.

    Any company that sells weight loss pills as products, has its business model set up as a pyramid with down-streams and distributors placed on levels, and tries to sell the notion that you can earn a lot of money quickly as a member is an unquestioned scam – one that any right thinking individual would need to pass.

    Wealthy Affiliate as you mentioned goes about it the right way. I see that you are a member and therefore can attest to how viable and legit that it is!

    Thank you again for your comments David! They are very much appreciated by me, sir!



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