A Free Keyword Tool


If you are looking for keywords to use in research, or for writing content for a website I know of a great tool.  It is called “Jaaxy”.  I offer it to you below for free!  Take advantage of this by entering in any keyword or phrase of your choosing.  An example of a keyword or phrase might be: “great restaurants in Beverly Hills, CA”

Important metrics to remember in finding high quality keywords:

1). Average searches – This would be the actual number of searches for that keyword per month.

2). Traffic – This would be the actual number of visits to your website per month if you achieve first page rankings in the search engines.

3). KQI (Keyword Quality Index) – A returning green-colored indicator would be great as you would have little competition coming from competing websites that use the same keyword. Yellow would be okay while red would be poor. Stay away from keywords that return a poor, (or red colored) indicator as too many competing websites feature that same keyword. Examples of a poor KQI keyword/phrase:

“bicycle store” or “home based business”

Both terms above would return red-colored indicators if you attempted to enter them into the keyword search bar.

4). QSR (Quoted Research Results) – This figure would tell you the number of competing websites ranked in Google that use that exact keyword.

5). SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – This is a numerical score for that keyword search term. This number reflects the amount of traffic and competition from other websites. The higher the score the more likely the particular keyword/phrase would rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


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