5 Myths About Making Money Online

There was a recent online article that I found at the Forbes business site.  The article focused in on why people are unable to build success online in Myths about making money onlinebusinesses.

For a fact, the author of this online article, Ginger Dean made perfect sense in her philosophy about why making money online for some individuals is extremely difficult.

Take a look Ms. Dean’s very first premise – “It’s a scam”.  She is referring to the myth that every business opportunity seen on the Internet is believed to be by so many people as nothing but fraudulent.

Admittedly there are money-making opportunities found online that are devious scams.

The problem is that because so many opportunities found on the Internet are bogus, (99.9% of them designed to criminally take money from unsuspecting people), they give a very bad impression to those online programs that are completely legit.

It’s guilt by association and that truly is unfair.  That is because people interested in starting up an online business instead have heard the myth that every opportunity is nothing but a scam, (when many are not).

Or perhaps these individuals were the victim of a bogus program and with the psychological scars still present within their being, sadly they end up not making any further attempts to create a business.  It is unfortunate because these people might have missed out on the one chance to build a successful online business for themselves.

My own special list of 5 myths regarding making money online!  They are just that – myths!

What I did for this article, inspired by the one at the Forbes’ site was to come up with my own myths, 5 of them, about making money online.  My thinking is that a person should avoid falling for the misleading tales inherent in these myths.

Instead, treat them for what they are – the “dirty, little lies” coming from the mouths of con artists who deserve not one second’s worth of your trust.

Myth #1 – Making money online is simple!  Myths about making money online

If making money online was so easy, wouldn’t the world be filled with millionaires, (who earned their money online) practically everywhere?  This is one of the lies coming from the mouths of “gurus” who have invented the latest get-rich-quick scheme that simply will not fail – that is if you follow the system step by step.

Making money in an online or offline business is not easy!  Just as with any accomplishment – academic, athletics and, yes, the business world it requires a lot of work, study, and preparation in honing a craft to enable one to eventually succeed.

If you run into an online business opportunity that “guarantees” you would make a lot of money with minimal effort I have only one suggestion for you:

Run as far away as possible from this opportunity.  Beyond question, this business program would be a scam.

Myth #2 – The notion that if you don’t get involved in one particular opportunity, you will miss out!

Tied in with this, is also the statement often heard by a con artist shilling a specific business opportunity.  He/she tries to pull off the psychological ploy that you only have a certain number of hours left before the price to join his/her fraud program will double, (or even triple).

The individual often desperate to earn money as quickly as possible buys all into the ploy.  Sadly, the money invested will never be replaced as the entire opportunity was a complete fraud.

I once did a review of such a scam opportunity at this website.  Clicking on this program’s sign-up page, they stooped so low as to provide two schemes in getting one to bite:

First, they had visibly shown the fact that the original join price of $197 had been lowered to $97.  Second, there is the message, “hurry, only a certain number of spots are left”.

Hey, who would not want to join this opportunity?  Not willing to pass up on a once-in-a-lifetime chance, no sane person would miss out on a golden opportunity to become rich with this particular offer, right?  Umm, I don’t think so!!

By the way, a person foolish enough to enter his/her info followed by supplying a credit card as payment for that $97 had no real idea at that point as to what this program was all about in trying to make money online.

Myth #3 – That one specific money-making system is the absolute best in the world! Myths about making money online

I have but one thought to share about this ridiculous myth.  If that one particular online business opportunity is the absolute best in the history of the world, then why has not everyone taken advantage of what it had to offer and signed up?

More than likely, the “guru” who is promoting that fraud opportunity is a person no one has ever heard before.  The image is not of him/her.  A fake bio has been provided to try and sell the myth that this individual is the “real deal”.  Too many programs that are 100% fraudulent resort to this gimmick in order to get people to provide $$ as an initial investment.

In many of these situations, the con artists running them also come with additional upsells designed to steal even more money out of the naïve, gullible individual.  Definitely not the best way to make money online.  In fact, it would be the best way for a person to lose money – and potentially a lot of it!

Myth #4 – A person would need to only work 30 to 45 minutes/ day, several days a week on his/her online business!

I love sports, so in addressing this ideal that little effort is needed to build up a business let me provide examples of some extremely successful athletes who are considered some of the best ever in their sports.

Growing up, do you think that LeBron James or Michael Jordan in basketball, Roger Federer or Serena Williams in tennis and finally Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi in soccer spent 30 – 45 minutes/day, 2 or 3 times per week honing their athletic skills in each of their sports? Myths about making money online

Bill Gates is one of the most successful (and richest) businessmen in history, the owner of Microsoft.  Do you think that Bill spent under an hour total, a few days per week building up his companies?

Any program that attempts to have you believe that it is only necessary to work your growing business, (and that would include educational training as well) for 30 minutes/day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week, and with that little time you would build a vast financial fortune is a bunch of b.s!!!

Like sports, academic study to become a doctor, top-notch lawyer, research chemist, or really with ANYTHING having to do with achieving success in life; they all require work, effort, and dedication to a craft and over a long period of time before success would be achieved.

It’s another reason why get-rich-quick schemes still successfully connive people into joining their programs.  They try to sell the lie that very little effort would be required to build up a multi-million-dollar online business.

The sad thing is that daily, people still fall for these garbage scams!

Myth #5 – Anyone can build up and then run a highly lucrative online business!

Personally, I connect this with Myth #4:  The concept that a person not willing to put in the necessary effort will still find success in running a business.  Life does not work that way.

Not everyone can build up a lucrative online business; especially if he/she is NOT willing to do what is necessary to achieve success.  That would include finding the right program that would teach/educate people on running an online business.

Also, the individual would want to surround him/herself with a community of like-minded individuals who work their tails off in each of their businesses.

So, the fact that any lazy Tom, Suzie, or Harry can achieve wild success with an online business is just sheer folly.

Learn to not believe all of these myths and instead get involved with a legit online business program and success in being able to make money online could eventually be attained by you!

So. . . Before I Let You Go!

I mentioned above the need for individuals looking to learn how to build an online business get involved with a legit learning/educational program if they are looking to achieve financial success. Myths about making money online

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4 thoughts on “5 Myths About Making Money Online

  1. Your five myths of making money online a perfect, Jeff!

    #4 really resonates with me. Countless times, I would see ads for an online business that looked appealing but there was usually a catch: you have to respond within 24-48 hours or you would “miss out”.

    Luckily, I usually didn’t have the money needed to start so I saved myself from any major financial loss. There’s an old adage that I believe to be true: If it’s good today it will be good tomorrow.

    Thanks for this timely advice, Jeff. I hope more people come across your post so they can get the truth about what it takes to build a successful online business.


  2. Hi, Veronica! Thank you so much for reading this article and also taking the time to leave such excellent comments.

    I’m glad that you definitely got a lot out of my thoughts regarding myths on how to make money online. So many people do fall for the one trap concerning the fact that they would only have a set number of hours to get involved with an opportunity. Otherwise they would lose out. This preys on the weaknesses of many human beings fearing that they would miss out on something unless they immediately go all in. Sadly, and only after usually investing money into these cons they discover, too late that they have been the victim of a devious scam.

    Thank you again for your thoughts, Veronica. They are so very much appreciated by me!



  3. Hi Jeff. Nicely written article.
    It’s true that “online opportunities” have gotten a bad rap and that all “internet marketers” seem to be considered con artists. Having said that, there is no shortage of people looking for legitimate online opportunities. I, like yourself, prefer to stand in the face of adversity and educate people on how to make smart choices, and avoid the pitfalls that will rob them of their hard earned money–thanks for bringing awareness to these myths.

  4. Hi, Marty!  Thank you for reading this article and I do so appreciate your very candid thoughts about legit online opportunities getting a bad rap because of the scams that still are out there.  It’s a shame that naive people, (as I once was admittedly) still fall for them – the allure of making a lot of money quickly and easily.  Life does not work that way and it often means going through adversity in which you get ripped off from too-good-to-be- true opportunities that are nothing but fraudulent. 

    You definitely appear to be a person who “gets it” as far as what it takes to legitimately build an online business.  I wish you much success in your online business ventures Marty.

    Again thank you for your excellent comments, sir!



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