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Hello! As you are visiting this website, I can only assume that you are looking at ways in being able to generate legitimate income online.  It is the philosophy behind this website to educate readers on how to genuinely make money online. Generating Legitimate Income Online

I also aim to educate readers in avoiding the many types of scams, fraudulent and bogus opportunities that still exist out there in the Internet world.

As more people have made the conscious choice in ditching the daily commute to an office, manufacturing or other industries that requires getting in a vehicle twice per day to instead work from home, I have already devoted articles on this website towards providing guidance for readers who may already be thinking of telecommuting as a way to support themselves financially.

I have and will continue to offer suggestions in written articles for readers who might be thinking of working from home as virtual assistants, in customer support roles, educational tutoring, technical writing/proof reading, online social forum moderators, nursing, medical coding, and even as independent artists, (who would also teach) among others.

Thanks to the continued explosion in size when looking at the Internet as a whole, all of the above categories do offer legit work from home, money-making opportunities!  It’s mostly a matter of where to go about finding these types of jobs whenever they appear online.  This definitely was not the case back in 1980, when many people did not have personal computers and the Internet was barely in its infancy!

Information about work from home jobs that I devote content articles on, will be found in the drop down category in the “blogs” section of this website and simply entitled:  “Work from home jobs suggestions”.  The categories are found on the right hand section of every post article.

Finally on this website I will offer reviews of both legit and truly awful opportunities in making money through running an online business,  based on my years of experience being exposed to the good and, unfortunately, the scams!

Above that is a picture of me, Jeff.  I have been involved with various online business ventures now for about a dozen years.  One in particular did not go so well and I learned a powerful lesson from it.  This opportunity turned out to be a fraudulent MLM business venture in which those two magic words “financial freedom” were the selling points as advertised on an introductory welcome call.

I learned a powerful lesson from that very negative experience in which I lost a few thousand dollars, minimum:  Always perform thorough research on any online business venture before committing even one penny!

So, assuming that you’re still at it working at a “job” and perhaps are dissatisfied with your lot in life, please allow me to ask you a few questions:

Do you have any interest and the desire to improve your financial situation?

Please ask yourself the following:

Are you satisfied with how your life is going financially?

If you work in a 9 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday, 40 hour per week setting for “the man”, (a boss) is it something that you truly look forward to doing daily?  And, going forward, for the next umpteen years?Generating Legit Income Online

Do you wish to continue just making whatever measly wages that you earn in your current job?   Perhaps you have that same “I can’t stand this” feeling that is clearly sketched on the face of the young woman directly to the right.  I don’t think that she is exactly smiling, don’t you agree?

Really are you happy being in a job which you can’t even remember the last time your boss, (“the man”) praised you for what you’ve been doing for him, (or her)?  It’s been that long, huh?

If you’re totally satisfied where you are in your life, then go ahead with that routine until you reach retirement age – that is if you aren’t surprised one day when “the man” decides that someone else can do your job better than you can!

This person than ushers you out the door, no golden ruler handed to you in what should be at least a symbolic gesture of his/her recognition for what you did for the company.

Remember and I hate to say this but don’t EVER think that you’re irreplaceable at your job.

Because in many instances, companies have a “next man/woman up” in their attitude about replacing employees when the need calls for it.

If instead you have a desire, no a PASSION to really stretch yourself by seeking something that is better, then you definitely are one person who I want to address!

This opportunity, first discussed below to make money for yourself, is designed for the keen individuals who are NOT  satisfied working for someone who else who treats you as nothing but a number.

If you have the goal in mind to work at improving your financial situation then I strongly urge you to explore what I discuss throughout many articles posted on this website, particularly with the orlando-espinosa-happy-people-multiculturalopportunity that I will first talk about just below.

Remember you only have one life here on this Earth.  Why don’t you set a real goal to make the MOST out of it!

Starting below!


Wealthy Affiliate And Generating Legitimate Income Online! wealthy_affiliate_going_up

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005.  There are over a million people from across the globe who at one time or another since the company’s inception have been members of this organization.  People became aware of and eventually joined WA as affiliate members because they all wanted to learn how to make money for themselves online.

Legitimate income!

You will notice throughout this article that I will keep including the word “legitimate” as part of the description in having your own online business.  According to the accepted definition of the word “legitimate” as found in the free dictionary site, it means:

1). “Being in compliance with the law, lawful, a ‘legitimate’ business”.

2). “Being in accordance with established or accepted rules and standards”.

3). “Valid or justifiable”.

Wealthy Affiliate: A 100%  legitimate online business opportunity income generation online

Wealthy Affiliate indeed is an opportunity to generate income through a business, and done through legitimate and lawful means.  The two gentleman who  founded the company back in 2005 Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim would have it no other way!

Affiliate members must adhere to the rules and regulations of promoting products that is “being in compliance of the law and according to established rules and standards”.

As already mentioned above I have been involved with work from home, money-making opportunities before I became aware of Wealthy Affiliate. That includes the one opportunity which as an MLM venture turned out to be completely fraudulent, cleverly disguised to not appear as the illegal pyramid scheme that it truly was.

Wealthy Affiliate is not about building an MLM business or constructed as a pyramid scheme.  You will NOT get duped out of generating income that rightfully would have been something that you earned, but instead goes to another member in the business who is several levels above you.

To be blunt if that is what you’re really looking for, the chance to earn an income through deceit and victimizing other people then I definitely cannot help you! Look somewhere else and at an opportunity that most definitely would not be legitimate.

Wealthy Affiliate – The option to become a member for $0!

At Wealthy Affiliate you initially have the option to “kick the tires” so to speak.  You can start up with a free initial membership trial period. It would cost you exactly $0!  What you will get with your free membership would be:

1). Training and educational tools, classes, video instruction and tutorials meant to provide instruction on how to set up a business.   You will be guided on finding a niche, or area that is of specific interest to you and which you could market/promote a product(s).

2). The ability to construct your own website.  You could even have 2 websites constructed to promote your niche products.  Again, initially these would be for free.  Wealthy Affiliate uses and hosts the popular and highly functional “WordPress” designed websites.  Within WA, it would take you 5 – 10 minutes following step-by-step instructions that in reality a child 7 years old could easily follow and build him/herself!

3). A community of tens of thousands of WA members who actively participate in helping others in their dreams of generating legitimate income online through running a business.  The community is open 24/7 with members participating from all corners of the globe.

4).  The opportunity to receive free one-on-one coaching from a veteran WA entrepreneur, (and if need be coming from one of the two co-founders Kyle or Carson) within the first 7 days of your free/starter membership!

Click Here As It Is My #1 Recommendation That Exists On The Internet if you are looking to start your own business from home.  Take advantage of what this opportunity can do for you, especially if you’re seeking extra income for you and your family.

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts I highly encourage you to please post them in the comments’ section below:


2 thoughts on “Generating Legitimate Income Online

  1. This Wealthy Affiliate is a dream come true. I just wanted to comment to be a testimony for this program.
    I have only been a member since mid October, so not even a month, so I haven’t made any money yet. But that’s okay, because it doesn’t work like that. I am busy building my website, and I’m working towards my future. This concept is really 100% doable and secure, because the net will always be around, and we will always be buying things online. Companies want help selling their products, so that’s where we come in. We try it, review it, promote it (or shame it lol), and make a commission. There is nothing fraudulent about it, so long as our review is honest…then we are actually helping people make an educated decision and guiding them to learn from OTHER’s mistakes.

    Awesome stuff Jeff thank you!

    PS, this stuff is for anyone, as long as you’re not a total computer hater, lol. If you can read and type, then you’re good to go. No prior knowledge needed.

  2. Hi Randi-Lynne! Thank you for your kind thoughts and I agree with you completely! Wealthy Affiliate indeed is the real deal. I’m so happy that you found it and that it will provide you with a positive platform to help you with your business. I didn’t make any money for my first several months until I got noticed at my other website and through writing quality articles about the products that I was promoting and most importantly to the right people. This is all something that is taught right at Wealthy affiliate.
    You have such a positive attitude Randi. Just keep your head down, work on your business and soon you will see visitors not only coming to your website, but purchasing your products as what you offer can be of such help to the right people.
    Thank you again for coming to my website!

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